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Švandovo Theatre arise dustman, dirty funky musical about purity

Švandovo Theatre arise dustman, dirty funky musical about purity Original Czech musical with music dustman Roman Holy, frontman of the band Monkey Business and JAR, preparing Švandovo Theatre: will premiere on March 7, directed by Dodo Gombár.

Together with Roman Sikora and Roman Bare wrote Gombár for this game directly Smíchov scene. Industrial Mirákl the catchy rhythm of funky tells the story of pure love, the sorting of waste, but also on behalf of musical genre. And the dream that has about every little boy - perhaps because every little boy longs at least for a while, dustman ...

Central petition in a "musical after our" played by Miroslav Pear, Robert Jaśkowy, Patrik Děrgel, Tomas Pavelka and Tomáš Červinek, women's portion of the file represents Klara Cibulkova, Zuzana Onufráková, Andrea Buršová and rivers Derzsi. They all now going on how the garbage man show and his musical talent and movement - and a sense of hyperbole, because the characters this time will not only play, but even with distance comment.

"Viewers can look forward to five trash collector, but also on the thirteen songs, dance numbers and everything that belongs to the correct musical," says dramaturge Lucie Kolouchová. According to her, a garbage man but also a musical play - the musical rules that will honor and fulfill that sometimes flavored violated.
"In the drama version on this genre polished look with similar interests and grace, as you shine on the world romantically dirty garbage and their morning gathering," says dramaturge for the new game, in which the stage space becomes a place of miracles. Waste get changed in treasure scene decorates the good old microphones on stands and above all be beautifully lit Hradcany ...

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