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Jan Triska in another premiere at Jezerce

Divadlo Na Jezerce again brings an acting legend John chips from Los Angeles to Prague. This time, because the Czech premiere of the Canadian-game Leiner Mark Young "Shylock". Play staged by director Jan Tříska Radek Balaš.

Nuselská scene in the spring to expand its repertoire of other theatrical delicacy. Playing against anti-Semitism and terrorism is but even more timely in light of the recent brutal attacks in Paris. "Waves of violence, which have a worldwide growing tendency, watching with feelings of solidarity and determination to defend freedom of speech, freedom of man and the values ​​of the Western world and democracy" says the principal actor and Theatre Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínský.

Playing Shylock is given a huge success with audiences and the general public in Western Europe, Canada and USA. Czech Prime Minister boasting unique interpretations Jana chips that are testing the main director of Theatre Na Jezerce, Radek Balaš extremely pleased: "I just finished breathlessly comprehensive study of Mr. Martin Hilský, as part of preparations for future productions Jezerkou. I knew the game only in English original, "said chips that are at the stage Nuselske returns. Now there is a history of more than 200x introduced in the audience very popular Art Yasmina Reza, along with John Drake and John Hrušínský directed by Jan Hřebejk.

In the upcoming new album Canadian author and delicious Czech translation Jitka Tower before the audience comes forward with a monologue from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice actor Jon in the guise of the famous Venetian merchant, Shylock. When suddenly goes into civil speech, the audience will understand that they are engaged on a stormy press conference. This follows the recent introduction of a Shakespeare play at the theater festival, which lead her passionate anti-Semitic protests withdrew from the repertoire of a planned reprises has not played. "Exciting game with the audience at certain moments becomes a harsh indictment of absolutized political correctness and current trends simplification of reality to first-line communications that commit much damage not only in the arts, "says the principal of Shylock Jezerkou Jan Hrušínský and invites the audience to a rare opportunity to see the Czech championship stage actor Jan Triska.

Czech premiere will Shylock in Theatre Na Jezerce May 14, 2015.

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