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Reclaim stress and a half victory over psoriasis is yours!

Itching, pain and possibly joint problems are undoubtedly very annoying - for psoriasis, it is the daily bread. In addition to unsightly deposits variously scattered around the body often reacts by ignorance rather negatively, to indiscriminately ..

..And Constantly explain that is not an infectious disease, or poor hygiene is for people with psoriasis extremely demoralizing. Condolence or disgusted look simply give take confidence and social life. On psoriasis is so mentally loaded incredible burden.

How to deal with it all

There are various options.
Ignore the negative reaction. This method can be used in case of strangers that you meet on the street. But never use this procedure in touch with those who matter most. If they do not explain everything, it can happen that you start from ignorance to shun and avoid you.
Patiently explain. Especially for people who are closest to you. They will then have can help you to cope with the hardships of disease and moreover, their company can support rebuilding your confidence.
Accept his illness. This is something that a lot of things easier. But, unfortunately, very difficult to achieve. Much can help support the family, friends or acquaintances. Look in your neighborhood association of people with the same disease - get new friends and mutual support. He is also very useful to try to take the help of a psychologist.

It also helps healthy lifestyle

In addition to stressful situations associated with the disease you but unfortunately not avoid stress associated with work, school or interpersonal relationships. It's good to minimize impacts as much as possible. How?
Follow a regular schedule and enough sleep.
Eat a varied and healthy diet .
Relax, take breaks between work.
Begin by their abilities in sports.
Regularly visit the doctor and follow his instructions.

The lower level of stress is the basis

The actual disease is stress, which worsens the symptoms of psoriasis and makes treatment less effective. When you break this vicious circle will cut, you can get it a lot - thanks to milder manifestations of the disease then you feel better, not only mentally, but also physically.

Source: Rovmatické

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