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Checking tire pressure? Drivers still groping

1 November last year, the entry into force of the EU Regulation on the control tire pressure. But this only applies to cars produced after that date.

The need to check the tire pressure of your passenger car standards describe 661/2009 EC and ECE-R 64. Originally, the system for measuring tire pressure within the EU enacted since November 1, 2012, but was focused only on new car models. Therefore, even the same model made in one year may or may not be integrated TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

Permitted pressure measurement

Nowadays it is possible to monitor the pressure in two ways - directly or indirectly. Direct measurement variant consists in that the valve is mounted directly on the disk sensor, which reacts immediately on pressure change and sends a signal.

In the second alternative - an indirect measurement system pressure occurs comparison of data from the ABS and ESP, which are compared with the rotation and vibration of the wheel. This is not the information on tire pressure, but the state of the whole wheel. In addition, these data are not available in real time. For example, 30% air leak in the normal cruising speed of these indirect systems can detect in time of about one minute.

TPMS in laws and regulations

From the foregoing that the drivers of older cars can not be retrofitted pressure monitoring systems. If you are on the road to stop the police and finds dysfunctional pressure control, it is a so-called minor offense. He is fined and will be removed no point. Everything should be solved by agreement and the need to repair.

Broken pressure measurement system already is a reason that the vehicle did not pass the control STK.
Only with a functioning flawlessly vehicle is capable of operating under all applicable regulations. "And so it may not work for an insurance company TPMS reason for cuts in benefits in case of an accident," says manager e-shop Vojtech Schwangmaier.

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