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How hippopotamuses brush his teeth?

Place the toothbrush and toothpaste proper hose and a strong stream of water that rinsed food debris and clean the interior of the mouth ..

So hippopotamuses cleans teeth!

Regular ritual to hippos from the Prague zoo Maruska and Slávek greatly used because water is also pleasantly scratches on the tongue.

In nature hygiene hippos help different species of birds and fish that they clean any wounds, depriving them of dead or damaged skin on the body and in the mouth. In captivity birds and fish replaces regular showering and rubbing that hippos love.

Hippopotamus has 36 to 40 teeth, the most lower and upper canine teeth that grow continuously. These are used primarily in mutual combat between males and defense.
According to the size canines and incisors also identifies whether it is a male or female.
In males, both types of teeth greater. Chopping can be large from 60 to 70 cm (from the gum having been seen about 30 cm edge).

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author tz: Hana Szotkowská
Photo: Petr Hamerník, the images hippo Slávek

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