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Czechs are no longer afraid alternatives, wooden houses and passive houses is increasing

In the Czech Republic is continuously increasing interest in alternative constructions. Experts estimate that in our country there are already around 1,200 passive houses and more than 1,300 houses based on wood. The reason modern people's mentality is particularly energy saving. Czechs learned to use progress builds more isolated houses and eliminate heat leaks.

According to experts, in recent years there has been an increasing demand for alternative constructions, especially for passive houses and timber construction. "The main change compared to previous years is the fact that passive houses are becoming part of the mainstream. We estimate that we have them in the Czech Republic around 1200, "said Jan Morkes of the Passive House Centre. In addition to passive houses, today Czechs extensively demanded also wooden. "According to available data, in 1997 in the Czech Republic completed only 87 houses made ​​of wood and in 2013 there were around 1 300. This means that the share of wooden houses on our Market achieves almost nine percent year on year and steadily growing, "said Vratislav Blaha, president of the Association of suppliers of prefabricated houses. "Customers who have already made ​​wooden prefabricated house, dominated by people from the younger generation aged 30 to 40 years," said Blaha.

At present, the Czechs trying to benefit from progress and technology mainly to save power. "People think more about a house, build houses and more isolated as much as possible try to eliminate thermal bridges. This is facilitated handy and variable elements, whose operation does not cost too much energy, "explained Jan Morkes. One of the most used measure is then installation quality screening techniques, especially roller shutters and exterior blinds. "This trend is evident since about 2010. Since then, the demand for screening technique has increased by more than 30%," said Lubomir Valenta from the company Lomax, who is engaged in manufacturing of shading devices on the Czech market. "While in the summer, thanks to superior shielding reduce cooling costs in the winter can be taken to reduce heat loss and thus reduce heating costs," said Valenta.

In addition to shielding technology today in modern low-energy houses frequently install various systems of controlled ventilation with heat recovery and heat pumps. "Increasingly, there are also so-called intelligent technology for the management and control of various functions in the house," said Vratislav Blaha. This trend is confirmed by Lubomir Valenta, according to which the demand for intelligent control not only in screening techniques, as well as gate systems, over the past four years has increased considerably. "The reason is the increasing cost of energy, which forces individuals to think more economically. People have already realized that the biggest saving is in relation to the motor control shield. Motorization in connection with the sensors will it be possible to make based on the current weather shield either activated or deactivated. Thanks to this house and do not overheat in the summer to cool or cool down the house and uses the sun to heat in the winter, "said Valenta.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz
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