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How to save in the kitchen?

Defrosting refrigerator reduce bills by 75%, washing in the sink can save 3000 ..

Desi annual energy bill? Climb into your spending large amounts? On both questions while you can effortlessly answer NE. Just follow simple austerity measures, which is not worth the time or effort. Just plain water heating may burden the budget by 75% more efficient than heating. Below is a proven tricks, what to do in the kitchen or to reduce the energy bill by up to several thousands per year.

Induction is about 50% more efficient than the plates, but the cheapest gas

In the Czech Republic, has 40% of the population kitchen area of ​​6-10 meters square. Small kitchen but does not necessarily guarantee lower energy bills, which usually grow unnecessarily wasteful when baking or cooking. "A common mistake most consumers is often opening the oven door. Each time you open while 20% of the heat escapes, which must be using extra energy supplies refilled. To save so do not open the door and check the food with a glass opening, "explains Roman Kouba from E.ON, which issued a manual Austerity household. It contains many tips as home smartly to save the cost of electricity, gas and water.

Cheapest cooking using natural gas. On the second place is induction, which is 50% more efficient than ceramic hob and electric hotplates. When heating water on the stove always take into account the necessary amount and Measure carefully. A suitable method of cooking water in the kettle, which is more economical and faster than a stove. This does not, however, induction cooker or stove, which in turn is more efficient than a kettle. To save cooking it is also important to choose a suitable pot. "The most economical cooking is such which use a pot with a flat bottom and the same diameter as the plate. Remember to keep it warm by using lids. Significant savings from the use of pressure or steamer, which consumes up to 70% less energy than an ordinary pot, "advises Kouba.

Neodmražená refrigerator increases the cost of electricity by 75%

An integral part of the kitchen refrigerators, which is currently in the Czech Republic more than households. The Czech Statistical Office show that 100 households now accounts for 106 refrigerators. Refrigerator but the family budget can pose a heavy burden. "Older freezers consume per year and more than 600 kWh. In contrast, the newer models A +++ energy efficiency consume up to 70% less energy. When choosing a new refrigerator also take into consideration its size. On the one person in the household is usually sufficient volume of 55 liters, "stated Ivana Klobušníková, executive director of the civic association Czech Budejovice Energy Centre, which provides advice on economical use of all forms of energy.

Another favorite is the sin of opening the door of the refrigerator for a longer period, which represents a significant energy burden. Conveniently therefore twice before placement of food so that clear and effective. When unpacking buying food fill the drawer out of the refrigerator. Do it then insert drawer already full. Important is also the location of the actual refrigerator, which should be as far away from heat sources and should allow air to circulate around it. Each level in the area increases the consumption of refrigerators by about 4%. Remember refrigerators or maintenance and periodic defrosting. Icing greater than 3 mm is increasing the cost of electricity by 75%. The ideal refrigerator temperature is +7 degrees Celsius.

Dishwasher or hand wash?

A key area of ​​savings in the kitchen washing dishes. The least efficient method is manual, under running water. Such occurs during the 10 minutes wash consumption of about 120 liters of water, which corresponds to a fully inked tub. Wash under running water and an increase bill for water consumption by up to 3,300 crowns per year. The biggest savings are, however, dishwashers, which saves water by 30-65% compared to washing under running water. Self is only the third of Czech households. "Saving appliance consumes in a program Eco per cycle 10 liters of water and about 1 kWh of electrical energy to heat water and running the dishwasher. This represents about 25% less hot water than older models, "explains Roman Kouba from E.ON, which is a major supplier of electricity and natural gas." The annual operating ecological dishwashers pay only about 1200 CZK per year. When choosing a new dishwasher think also on its width. It is ideal for 12 or 14 place settings, ie 60 cm, "recommends Kouba.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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