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Laughter is prohibited. The Jára Cimrman Theatre

Laughter is prohibited. The Jára Cimrman Theatre It's been here so many times! The man - a woman - lover. A love triangle. Can it really matter yet to find anything interesting? If you are successful Croatian comedy, so surely ..

You might be amazed at what you can come out of a meeting with the wife's lover! Everything can be otherwise than it seems. You will be amazed and entertained. We recommend to all. Married, married, faithful and unfaithful yet sweetly other singles ..

This is a conversation crazy comedy for three actors, which deals with a very unusual way very traditional theme of love triangle.
Author behind this comedy received in 2004 the prestigious prize Marina holding awarded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

As in many other texts Gavranových there is an emphasis on verbal humor and comedic talent main roles.

Although the author Czech audience is already relatively well known (eg. The comedy All About Women, All about men patient of Dr. Freud etc.), comedy Laughter will be banned in the Czech Republic listed first.

Loosely based on the dramaturgical line comedy Central Park West - When the light goes off.

About the Author

Miro Gavran (1961)

Croatian writer, playwright and screenwriter.
He studied dramaturgy at the Academy for theater, film and television in Zagreb. He worked as
playwright, dramaturg and later artistic director of the Zagreb Theatre ITD.
His plays have been translated into thirty-five languages ​​and performed around the world - took place more than two hundred international premieres. Gavranová original production earned him more than twenty awards.

It is the only living playwright in Europe, which has an annual theater festival specially dedicated to his work. This festival was first held in the Slovak Republic in 2003 and is named GAVRANFEST. Over the last twenty years Miro Gavran is clearly the most frequently performed Croatian playwright both at home and abroad.


Petr Stach - Boris (husband)

studied acting at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts is a regular guest productions in the National Theatre, Palace Theatre, Minor and 3D company.
selection of theatrical productions:
Enchantia (National Theatre, Prague), double poker (Palace Theatre, Prague), Girlie - A Christmas Carol (Studio DVA, Praha), Central Park West (3D company, Praha), Klapzubova Eleven (Minor Theatre, Prague), A Walk Worthwhile (National Theatre, Prague)
work for television and film:
TV Series Cases Unit 1, Trilogy Burning Bush (nominated for the Czech Lion Award), TV series whitelist, Tobruk feature film, feature film Lidice

Diana Šoltysová - Nina (lover)

She studied acting at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts is a regular guest productions at the Prague Drama Club, Prague Metropolitan Theatres, intimate drama and 3D company
selection of theatrical productions:
Before Sunset (Drama Club, Praha), Želary (Municipal Theatre of Prague, Praha), Woman and Megera (chamber drama, Praha), Central Park West (3D company, Praha), Marketa Lazarova (Municipal Theatre of Prague, Praha), Frida K. (3D company, Praha), Chaos (chamber drama, Praha)
work for television and film:
TV series Private trap trilogy burning bush, TV series Rose Garden Surgery, feature film Innocence.

Helena Karochová - Mia (wife)

She studied acting at the Ostrava Conservatory is a member of the ensemble A. Dvorak in Pribram, formerly was engaged eg. in the Municipal Theatre in Carlsbad or in the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava.
selection of theatrical productions:
Gingerbread crumbs (Divadlo A. Dvorak, Pribram), House of Bernarda Alba (Divadlo A. Dvorak, Pribram), Misery (Divadlo A. Dvorak, Pribram), The Full Monty! (Divadlo A. Dvorak, Pribram), Twelfth Night (Theatre A. Dvorak, Pribram), Dorian Gray (City Theatre Karlovy Vary)
work for television and film:
TV series Vyprávěj, television film The Greek Passion

The company 3D file

File 3D company has been operating since September 2011. The first production was created under the auspices of this file is Woody Allen comedies CENTRAL PARK WEST, which is successfully placed today. 3D company is a loose association of professional theater artists whose base consists of a group of young artists. File cooperates with the Žižkov theater Jara Cimrman, which grants him the background for the emergence of new productions and playing.
Since its inception has produced a set of five performances (besides the already mentioned comedy CENTRAL PARK WEST also present detective thriller The Missing, crazy comedy you have one bad news, monodrama about famous FRIDA K.
Mexican painter and Christmas comedy WHEN YOU goes out).
In 2014 the company was founded 3D Company Ltd. and below the official letterhead of 2015 are scheduled next three productions.
Dramaturgical intention to file for discovering Czech stage and especially its actors and spectators present and, if possible, in the Czech Republic has never specified game.

Laughter disabled
Author: Miro Gavran

Premiere: February 28, 2015 in Jára Cimrman Theatre

Source: tz

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