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Fléda 2015 More bands, better sound and innovative event in the fresh air

Brno Fleda club continues its series of changes and innovations that started last season. Plans include the production team not only significant news programming, but also a major modernization of technical equipment and the opening of a brand new summer scene.

The viewer closer scrutiny in the past year could not escape the changes that Fleda moved to Central European club leaders. Already a first glance can be recorded repaired facade. Adjustments have also been made interior of the club, which last year passed the first phase of the renovation and the architects and designers gets a modern look. To increase the level of the club contributed to the purchase of high-end sound system from d & b audiotechnik of over 3 million. "During the renovation and preparation of the new design, we chose the best architects and designers. With the modernization of the equipment while helping us feedback and experience live bands. The resulting combination of comfortable interior and perfect sound in a lot of us were pleasantly surprised, which after ten years in the business does not happen a lot, "says Luke Stara operator Fléda club.

Investment in the club will continue in 2015. The changes mainly waiting for the main stage, which will be extended and modified to meet the technical demands of major music stars. Less visible, but still important step will be to strengthen cooperation with the NGO sector and NGOs. At the end of 2014 Fléda gained international certificate Hard & Smart, which guarantees the safety of visitors and quality facilities of the club. The certificate is a commitment to raise awareness to combat substance abuse, safe sex and fun. After positive feedback intends Fléda in the 2015 campaign Hard & Smart, continue to deepen ties with organizations that deal with this issue.

Music Club consists mainly of his program and he Fleda thrive, which confirms a series of sold-out events in the autumn of 2014. "In March podium dominated by two big foreign names, whose performance has been working for several months. Stars indie scene The Subways and wizards on the border of rock trip-hop Archive bring not only a dazzling show, but also an experience that does not just repeat, "says Andrew Shepherd, dramaturg club Fléda. Equally powerful experience promises and April concert of American Wovenhand, who at the invitation kyeo shows demonstrate bewitching blend of country, alternative rock, punk and neofolk. Lovers of electronics and club nights Elektra delight in April arrival of John Digweed.

A unique program item will be musical memory of the recently deceased Lenka Zogatová, agents of Brno and the Czech-Slovak cultural events. Beyond Fléda then team B Level Production issue during the preparation of the concert Monkey Business, which play an unconventional concert on May 22 at the castle Špilberk. "The upcoming 15th birthday a Fléda Nadel and sister summer scene. It revives the events on the lake and enliven visitors sweltering days in Bystrci, "says Luke Stara. A sunny beach scene in style TIKI bar arises now and will bring mainly relaxing beach atmosphere, the original summer drink menu and an exciting entertainment program.

About the club Fléda

History cultural space Fled dates back to 1911. At the beginning of the 19th century originated in the place of today's cabaret club Brüner Fledermaus (Brno bat), which was a popular place for fun soldiers and intellectuals. Over the years the name has become popular cabaret and its dramaturgy was getting bolder. Fléda for example, became one of the first scenes in Brno, which hosted jazz concerts. In the 70s and 80s, the space was converted into a television studio, known as the Bat. Fled musical era started again after 2001, when the interior of the house Štefánikova street turned into a music club. Since 2004, operates a production team Fled Level B production, which the club has created one of the best musical space in the Czech Republic.

The dramaturgy of the club is very diverse and represents both established bands and young artists and emerging musical directions. The program will find a firm place more demanding and produced concerts by international stars and more modest and authentic show of local musicians. In addition to the concerts is Fléda stable scene for a club night (Elektra, Vendetta, Vibe). You are always focused on specific music genres and trends. Since 2001, the stage was replaced Fled more than 1,000 performers whose performances attracted almost a million music fans.

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