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Detoxifies the body? Remember not to skin!

Winter is for our bodies probably the most difficult seasons. Often gaining weight, our body during the winter clogged series of pollutants and toxic substances and generally feeling in "their skin" ..

Not because of the things they pay at the end of the winter his body due diligence, at least try to lighten diet, focus on healthier foods, more moving and start right away with detoxification thing that many of us connects to the spring. It is timely and necessary detoxification be able to welcome spring in perfect condition and enjoy it since its launch. And most importantly let's not forget either to detoxify the skin, which is to make us feel full of energy and in your skin, foundation.

Shorten your winter!

Among the least favorite season is one for the majority of the population being cold. The reasons are many, from inclement weather and freezing, despite the higher number of diseases and the need to dress in several layers of clothing to an unpleasant burden of our body. And as the end of winter to get rid of unwanted fatigue, sleepiness and discomfort and overall hardship? The solution represents a major detoxification, which subconsciously set the body on the spring and notionally so Kratie winter.

A healthy diet and eating lightweight food, drinking regime, increase physical activity and skin care and sanitation - exactly should look corners of detoxification, which we should not procrastinate. An early start will we pay a dřívěji again we feel at ease.

Eating as a basis

As if winter forced us to eat unhealthy, rich and heavy foods. We just through the winter somehow more tasty Christmas my unhealthy eating habits started and then they just could not get rid of. Apart from a few extra pounds that winter brings us, with them usually associated discomfort and heaviness and fatigue.

For proper cleansing and detoxification of the body is important and a change in diet. Heavy foods, fatty meats, sauces or dense white bread dumplings and we can try to substitute for turkey or chicken, you can also try the salads, fish that are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, fruits such as avocado or consumption of wholemeal or rye bread. You will see that after a few days you will feel lighter and more full of energy.

Drinking regime is not a cliché

The drinking regime is that narrates a lot especially in the summer, but we must not forget it even during the winter, especially if they are trying to cleanse our body. Still, the adult should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Regular and quality drinking regime is still support our effort to detoxify the body and takes him pollutants that we will gradually eliminating. In addition, the appropriate drinks and plenty of fluids counteract water retention, which can also stand for přibíráním weight or swelling of the body, especially the legs.

Important is of course liquids that during the day drink. The most ideal are various natural fruit and vegetable juices, as well as water alone or green tea. Conversely, coffee, cola and other sugary sodas for our bodies too are not winning. In addition, regular drinking regime and fine drinks will be reflected, for example, on the quality of our skin, which will be fresh and adequately hydrated.

Every day, more movement

To kick off the body, get rid of fatigue and helps support cleansing the body and physical assets. Especially if you've got New Year's resolutions related to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, it is now high time to start filling it. You start slowly, quietly, every day add little physical activity, such as morning or evening walks or omissions city transport over shorter distances to Walk a rather walk.
Swimming, dancing, aerobics or other physical activities your efforts can only support. To release endorphins and even a movement you will be fully charged, entertain and indulge you and happiness.

Detox from head to toe

With proper detox but you should not just focus on the body as such, but you must take into consideration your skin. Now it is in fact holds a number of pollutants that on it over the winter and heaped over it can even penetrate further into the body.
It is necessary so regular cleaning and removing the skin, where it get rid of pollutants, makeup residues, dirt, grease and dead skin cells. As part of detoxification is advisable to use more complex products that provide skin revitalization, detox, it gets rid of stress and moisturize it.

Skin care is so in early spring cleansing the body base. First, promote skin health and confiscates her toxic substances that may occur, for example, deterioration of the skin itself, but also able to remove pollutants and prevent their penetration deeper into the body, where it can cause major problems.
Surprise your body detoxified this timely and welcome spring beautiful, healthy and full of energy.

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Author tz: Lenka Netušilová, editing

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