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To complain about the phone bill of electricity or gas or water supply failure to report? For such a call, you can pay tens or hundreds of crowns. Many energy suppliers use customer contact, including reporting failures, toll blue and white lines. Calling on them is not included in free minutes and may even 6 crowns per minute.

"If a fault occurs or the insured event, the customer is upset. Even if he knew that a call to color lines pay more than for landline calls, no time to deal with. We were surprised because of the 27 electricity and gas suppliers now 14 uses a toll colored line as a contact number for customers. Some of them use these lines for reporting defects. So does some waterworks, "says Head of Legal Department Dtest Luke Green, one of the problems identified in the survey numbers that different types of companies use customer contact.

Phone numbers that begin with the prefix 81, 83, 84 or 85, so-called blue and white lines, people often find free of charge. Operators at the same time calling on them to charge high amounts and it's usually not included in the free minutes. "In this context, we recently invited 14 of the greatest classical and virtual operators, to desist from an infringement in the protection of consumer rights and began calling on color lines charge as well as calls to landlines and count them in the free minutes, "says Luke Green.

White and blue lines also utilize all Messengers shipments inclusion in the survey Dtest. Special access chose Czech Post, which states that questions on postal services, customers are directed to the white line. On the postal conditions but they inquire on the Green Line. "Such a practice can be confusing. Few consumers know where to turn properly, "says Green.

Pleasantly surprised contrary, larger retail chains, with one exception for customers to set up a green line free. On the other hand, trace phone numbers on the website chains is difficult. The survey also ranked 12 dTest larger Czech e-shops. They turned out worse, just four of them, namely Datart, Kasa, Mall and Tchibo, used for customer contact blue or white line.

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