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Weekly Horoscope Mar 2 to Mar 8, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Mar 2 to Mar 8, 2015 In private (only) will benefit more perspective and lightness. Too much of any drilling. Remember: the more the "tom" drills, the more "it" stinks. We understand that? ..

Week: 2. 3. 2015 - 8. 3. 2015

Beran (21.3-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, do not overlook minor victory as a matter of course. On the contrary: Enjoy the feeling of a winner, picking up your self-esteem .. Material scope requires peace and nowhere is nehrnout. Neither do new work, or to invest. All it needs to think about and it gives you the current situation space. Take advantage of a lull for accurate planning of things to come .. Doma probably will be some small inconvenience. And if that happens, it's only because you realize what the real priority. Do something out of nothing, if not life ..

Taurus (21.4-20.5.)

Dear Young bulls, maybe it is worth considering whether all around you you equally. Settle some bias in that direction, not least my conscience .. Material scope Submit yourselves to his true beliefs. If something needs to be little doubt, wait, how things develop without you. On the contrary, what even a pinch have no doubts it will do for now .. let Privately be true bulls - ie those calm, what is not a harm! His face an enraged bull in a bullfight then really let another day. Too, you just fuel to the fire. Be wise as a serpent and bare feet tease ..;-)

Gemini (5.21-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, while treating yourself time to give you some things pointed in the right light, you can experience the joyful days .. The material realm is because you going to sort of "trap" Painted pink or, if you prefer, hidden under the veil of illusion. Practically it means not to be fooled because the vision quickly earned money or echt job. Therefore, indulge in great-looking all the time! .. At home, you should pick up quite quickly remnants energy and force to the crime. Convenience does not lead to the desired goal, do not forget. On the "roast pigeon in his mouth," you are quite old, is not it? ..:-P

Rak (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, clash with an easily surmountable obstacle. If you will try on some virus disease, tea rumíčkem or plum brandy, would be able to defuse in the bud. About nothing you would not turn fast, be not working .. In financial matters and a stand for themselves. Once you've made the decision, so it neslevujte. It is the best possible. Neither the possible exclusion of emotional blackmail .. Conversely home, you should also lend an ear to the counterparty. Here's your truth is not only contrary rather is wrong or outdated. In other words, weigh a bit, whether you neztrouchniví claws .. :)

Lev (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens until you use a policy of "head in the sand", then nothing is solved. Clearly that bolting problem that is tiny, only you do not know or do not know how to communicate. Either way, this is your choice, you can only berate themselves for nothing Do not blame circumstances .. Financially it to your taste and your needs may be currently in a bit of distress. And it could be even worse if you do not carefully guard their šrajtofličku. He has his eye on her mugger; unless we nevytratíte from unguarded pockets. Vigilance of money is needed in all directions! .. In private (only) will benefit more perspective and lightness. Too much of any drilling. Remember: the more the "tom" drills, the more "it" stinks. We understand that? ..

Panna (24.8-23.9.)

Expensive Dolls, this week you could feel the rush of new energy. It might help to bring to life something you are planning a longer period. The project would be successful, there is nothing to worry about .. Material scope you something unpleasing. Someone does not fulfill what he promised, something goes liking thanks to someone else. It may surprise you, but it will have a longer duration. Soon should straighten everything to your satisfaction .. From each patálie gets you love. On these days, certainly. You can rely on a partner who holds your hand. A partner is not where it could be! Do not sit at home, it's time to go opposite love ..

Libra (24.9-10.23)

Dear Libra, much like what you have in these days with crayfish. The prospect of having no need to worry, nearby obstacles are easily overcome .. In the financial area, either directly, go straight to the point and uncompromising stand behind his decision. Reason you have in place, there is no need to revise your choice in any way. And not only in finance, but also in the attitude towards colleagues, work at home .. remember what you really feel, not what is waiting for you that you feel. And according to arbitrate. Advise you may longtime friend, because to look at things, although biased, but also with a good dose of objectivity and logic. When you listen to it, not regret. Advises you a good trip ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)

Dear Scorpio, you will once again be envied! When doing so thrive. In all! Most feel it in interpersonal relations. Just around rozsévejte smiles and see how it works .. Material scope announces that you have these days to enjoy all that you have achieved so far. Are you a wave of success, take advantage of it and enjoy the feeling of a winner. Believe that what you have, you deserve. Fully deserve .. In private, you should abound in high spirits. You can carry it without reason, just like that. And thanks to it, you will what you just want. I therefore do next will run with more vigor and determination. And the greater the commitment, the greater the success ..

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12.)

Dear Sagittarius change, you should do in you do not have to raise any concerns. Really. Anything you now change, the path to a better life. Fear not, you are only important and only you; do not forget it .. Do the material realm comes a beneficial twist. If you feel like it, you ask for a raise - even diplomatically, indirectly. But clearly! You could be successful. Or you will be offered a better job. And why not take it? When you can not appreciate here .. In private, try to keep your mouth shut, because you just provoked a storm completely unnecessary solve nothing. If you need something to settle, wait for it. Now you just caught a - to fork ..

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes, check it. Thus, his passion and fiery outbursts. No one on them is not very tuned and curious. Do not stand out at all costs. Is it difficult for you, but temporarily Become one with the crowd .. Material scope sailing in calm waters. At the workplace is quiet on your account also. A peace is needed! So, no investment, no create controversy. Are we clear? Enjoy the calm and relaxing time .. At home, trying to escape the kind of truth, but believe that it is a futile effort. You have to deal with if you do not make things bogged down in "mud". Now would be a more peaceful solution, the longer you wait, the more we can expect a storm. Your choice ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, government is currently very good gab, so that Look exploit. Even where you've been afraid of something, you can greatly score points. Better position immediately and not get .. Material scope requires alertness and balance sheet. Nowhere do not rush, do not know everything! Where will you push someone, it would be suspicious .. In the privacy you could be an upturn where you have already anticipated. The beneficial effect of the reversal is obvious. Therefore, do not throw prematurely "in the towel." A defeatist talk a ban! If you think that's what you are thinking for a long time, you need to realize right now, then I think it quite correctly. Nothing prevented from doing so ..

Fish (2.20-20.3)

Dear Fish, therefore you turn your mood! Actually tuned. Either you do not want anyone to see, or you feel lonely - Do you even know what you want ?? Paradoxically, these days could help you about your plans and goals to think intensively and to determine the direction of further steps. And that's positive! .. Financially, you may have considerable worries, but nothing will not eat so hot, so do not panic. It is a temporary issue that will eventually turn out satisfactorily .. Privately run away again from the truth, like a rabbit in front of hunters. The truth will catch up with you but not escape it. From what you have a concern that the facts are not confronted. Believe in yourself, your skills and experience to remember; then nothing can go wrong ..

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"One does not achieve its perfection what he has, even what he does, but only what it is .." (Oscar Wilde)

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