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I play can be learned - confirmed by teachers and children's achievement

Learning can sometimes be easier than it seems helpful this can be a fun and playful way. At present, there is also in school and teaching penetrates more and more games and their implementation has better results than might be expected.

Games are no longer seen only as a leisure activity and distraction from learning, but slowly become part and some curricula. Child psychologists and The professionals teaching is especially in recent years, recorded an ever-decreasing attention and focus on teaching children. Children were able to maintain attention is on average only 15-20 minutes and then dropped their attention. This corresponded with remembering the subject matter - most children remembered at a time when their attention was at the highest level and with decreasing attention and decreased ability to recall curriculum.

Connections curriculum with experience

Educators and child psychologists and looking forms that captivates the children awaken their interest in the subject matter and is not tiring. Researches have proved virtually truth to Jan Amos Comenius and his school play, which currently thanks to modern technology is gaining new dimensions.

Now the trend mainly involving modern technology and interaction as well as in teaching the youngest children, while parents need not worry about deepening their dependence on tablets or playing computer games. The aim above all is to combine curriculum with experience, which thanks to this experience leads to neuronal connections in the brain of a child and the curriculum will better equip then, it is through experience.

Another reason why the concept of games in learning has proven successful is the fact that a child needs a wide range of pulses and if the game is equipped, for example i audiostránkou is also better for the child to grasp. Despite the fact that some children, especially those that have a musical ear, have better audio memory and thanks intonation, they can remember better.

Children of learning or

In the first place in the classroom remain children and their reactions and skills to master the curriculum. All subjects although now it is not possible to teach the game, but where it goes is already facing educators how children with better results, more comfortable, and with their reactions to the topics discussed.

The children are learning and schools cease to be afraid, even for some hours enjoying and understand them as relaxation. English, geography, natural history, music history and literature, and a little - everywhere it is possible to teach children to play or fun interactions books and talking pens (eg. Reading Magic, World Atlas, World of Animals).

Educators confirm deeper knowledge of pupils

Better knowledge without long home "cramming" beginning to confirm and educators who have had the opportunity to try out games in teaching or learning through interactive talking books. Children in their words, spend less time on homework for hours, testing and exam and sometimes even in the event that the clock does not prepare properly are able to furnish information and keep in mind the long term.

Thus, it seems that way to the modern form of teaching will be the interconnection of books with advanced technologies or expanding gaming component in teaching the subject.

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