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Czechs in Cameroon after fourteen years have discovered a rare chimpanzee

Fourteen years have passed since he was in the misty mountain forest in northwest Cameroon last seen rare subspecies of chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes ellioti. It was considered that in this region probably already extinct.

The bigger surprise experienced Czech activists of the organization Kedjom-Keku when evaluating them in December of images from photo-traps installed in Bamendských mountains looked burly male chimpanzee this most endangered subspecies.

Location in the mountainous region Kedjom-Keku, which in translation means "people of the forest", thanks to the presence of remnants of the original habitat among the thirty places on the planet with the highest biodiversity. Since these biodiversity hotspots, ie hot spots of biodiversity, hosts a series of extraordinary flora and fauna, their thorough protection of world priorities. Forests around Bamendských mountains were once home to the rare subspecies of the Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee, but in the last ten years have not confirmed their presence. Czech-profit organization Kedjom Keku that the activity leads to rescue mlženého forest since 2010, previously considered the reports of the presence of rare primates for more speculative.

Sketchy reports of chimpanzees in close proximity to human settlements decided on the spot to verify Martin Mikes, chairman Kedjom-Keku. "It was in fact the first time he came to me one of our mountain neighbors and told me how he had seen several chimpanzees in the woods behind her huts. Les in which the chimpanzees had to find, I know very well. Apes had there in the dry season to tell their favorite delicacy, which are figs. In the middle of a small fragment of the mountain forest so I fotopasti, provided Liberec zoo, installed, and went home. After three days I went to check. It was pure eagerness and impatience. "And the result?

"Pictured fotopasti was a huge male. In the pictures of him while missing his head, but at least now we know that the next time you need to place the camera a little higher, "says Mikes. She chimpanzee presence would not be so special, but if not a rare subspecies Pan troglodytes ellioti. "That is the least numerous subspecies of chimpanzees across Africa," says Klára Petrželková, from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Academy of Sciences. "It occurs in only a few locations in Nigeria and Cameroon, so the discovery of a new population of this subspecies in Kedjom-Keku significant. Although the reasons for the decline of this subspecies generally known, certainly does not stop them. For these reasons the protection of the population and the entire ecosystem is crucial. "

Because of the loss of the original environment and expanding human activities, it is assumed that Pan troglodytes ellioti experienced in the last twenty to thirty years, a significant population decline (maximum estimate of population decline over three generations that exceeds 50%). "The first evidence of the presence of chimpanzees in Kedjom-Keku after many years of discussion and unleashed a particularly large rescue. We met once with representatives of several non-profit organizations in Cameroon, Deputy Ministry of Forest and Environment as well as journalists and we started to act. Now it's up to us, and we believe that chimpanzees will Kedjom-Keku thrive, "says Mikes.

Video HERE.

What is Kedjom-Keku

Organizations Kedjom-Keku fifth year business in Cameroon steps to rescue the original forest. Its members built and operated in the village of Big Babanki (the English equivalent Kedjom-Keku) school and the Czech Republic are regularly held event called Water for Cameroon. This year's third edition begins on 22 March, when the cafés and restaurants throughout the Czech Republic will begin selling liter of tap water for twenty crowns. For every twenty crowns then Kedjom-Keku planted in Cameroon, one tree to rescue chimp habitat.

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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