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Owed, but his car took executor

How is this possible? Simply. Borrowers are increasingly trying to sell the car even when it is on them led execution. But at the moment they are called. General inhibitorium, which means that they ban dispose of their property. If you buy a car from them, you have a problem. The executor will usually find him and no refunds will confiscate it.

"The new owner suddenly has no money, no car. His only option is to contact the original owner of the car to give him money due to unjust enrichment immediately returned, "says Mgr. Kateřina Procházková, spokesman advisory portal "In practice, however, routinely face situations that the original owner of the car does not return the money because it is overextended and money from the sale of long ago spent. Then do nothing else than to judge him. For recalcitrant debtors then unfortunately not guarantee a refund even won the lawsuit, they usually have nothing to pay, "he adds Procházková

He dreamed the American Dream

A similar case happened to Mr. Peter from Central Bohemia, which was bought for 350,000 from the famous American car brand. However newish car garage at home too long nehýčkal. Comfortable ride enjoyed about three months when he heard the bailiff and wanted him to return the car.

"At first I did not understand me as executor may want a car, if not owe anyone. Only a lawyer, I realized that I actually became a victim of fraud your friend. Thanks to him, now I need a car for which I gave 350 thousand, without compensation to pass executor. As I later found out, so purchase agreement for the thing, which is included in execution, is invalid, "complains Mr. Petr. At the same time a lawyer discovered that their money must seek after its original owner. However, he has conducted himself had 12 foreclosures on more than 3 million, and the question remains whether his debtor will have money to pay.

The number of fraud is increasing

According executors number of similar cases is increasing each year. Cars that are part of the execution, debtors trying to sell in the bazaar, on the job or through friends. It is usually a very good offer, so with a quick sale is not such a problem. And beware, this situation may occur in vehicles of all categories! There are recorded cases of sales of cheap used car for a couple of thousand but also a luxury only a few months old cars.

Examine, lustrujte

"Before you decide to buy a used car, carefully check not only whether it is not stolen, but certainly also refer to the Central Registry of execution. Once the borrower gets into the viewfinder executor, gets his name into this evidence, "says Kateřina Procházková, adding that in case of a positive entry in the Central Register of executions is clear that the debtor can not freely dispose of their property, thus not anyone to sell a car . "But be careful, even this evidence is not foolproof, it is not recorded judicial powers, or tax execution. Moreover, even recording is in progress with some, albeit minimal, delay. Yet in many cases may be an effective warning, "adds Procházková.

A few tips conclusion

If the auto suspiciously cheap, immediately attentive. Find out if the car is not stolen, not abroad or if its owner does not record in the Central Register of borrowers. If it is your friend, ask around among the people, whether by accident has financial problems. If you find that the retailer faces execution, certainly did not help that you buy a car from him. You will lose a car, money and probably also a friend.

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