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Prague zoo has managed to breed three cubs marabou

In Prague Zoo after eight years hatched three chicks marabou. The world turned out to be the end of January and now are doing well. Mother stork chicks are female Ema that their parenting experience has shown already last spring, when the male Oskar successfully reared two chicks hatched in Dvur Kralove.

"It's a great success, which pleases us even more that we have lived to see them from a female that was other zoos rejected as unsuitable for farming, and has never bear any eggs," explains curator of birds Zoo Praha Antonín Vaidl. Ema fact traveled to Prague after twenty years of residence in zoos in the Dutch Emmen with a reputation for intolerance female and advanced age had no experience with breeding. In Prague last year she managed an elderly male Oscar breed only two chicks from Dvur Kralove, but now she herself became a mother proud.

Breeding marabou (or marabou African) is challenging. It is very difficult because compiles breeding pair so that they suit individuals and not to hurt you. Males are often aggressive towards females. If the couple is not completely harmonious, it may even end up joining tragically before snesením eggs. Therefore, this kind of Stork breeds in captivity very badly.

Complications were not spared from the Prague zoo keepers. The year 2013 brought from Vienna breeding male Vilda, who was already in the past, successful father. Although they eventually managed to pair the female Emmy, shortly after ablation of eggs per female began to be aggressive and so farmers had to be separated. Finally it relied on an experienced and seasoned male Oscar. "After several attempts we managed to put Emu Oskar together. Ema even withstand new eggs. All three chicks we managed to chunky to a new nest, "adds Anthony Vaidl.

Chicks marabou weighed at hatching about 100 grams. Thanks to the exemplary care female Emy, which together with the foster father Oskar fed several times a day with small fishes, today he weighs four kilograms. The birds are still in the background, will be seen in the spring Water World.

The Czech Republic has managed to breed marabou storks only in the Prague Zoo and the Dvur Kralove Zoo. Prague zoo marabou storks acts since 1934, when the first individual to stay Prague.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author tz: Hana Szotkowská
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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