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Unordered shipment goes even preschool children

The fact that sneaks into the clipboard and the shipment you did not order the addressee, today no one snaps. However, some retailers ingenuity knows no bounds. The focus is now also on the children and sending them to the postal cars in the hope that it will pay and commit to removing the entire collection. Slip filled out in the name of five child probably most surprised by his parents.

Company Editions Atlas SA of Switzerland, waiting for interest from Czech consumers and without ordering them from abroad tells packages. Unordered merchandise travels to consumers and slip enclosed encouraged to payment. If no payment, the trader is seeking to recover the goods at the expense of impaling consumers.

When the front door of Mr. Paul appeared postman who brought the shipment and did not pay for it, too did not investigate his wife, from whom. However, as parents year-old boy is a package addressed to their son surprised. The content would surely be for every little boy appealing. It was a model car. "For him, however, still have to pay through bills filled in his name. Leave a Jeep can only free if the logs to a paid subscription entire collection of armored vehicles. Just sign and send the attached coupon. In the event that the guy does not even one option left with him than with a new toy to say goodbye and send it back. The fact that the boy preschool children still can not read and write, trader probably escaped, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

S unsolicited shipments, however, there is no need to worry. Although the company Editions Atlas SA has a choice whether addressees shipment leaving, he will pay it, or wrap it and send it back, there is another option, and it does not cost a penny. Consumer goods remains a trader must not evade payment. The so-called inertia selling is prohibited and can not pay merchants.
"If consumers did not order anything, and yet they appear in a box or package them it will bring the postman does not have goods to anyone and do not come back, certainly not at their expense. They have no obligation to take, just with thanks to refuse them if the sender's name is not known. The law also protects consumers by the unsubscribed performance may not even inform the merchant and may dispose of the goods at their discretion, "says Luke Green.

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