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Low-energy and passive houses - principles in their construction

With the arrival of spring days, in addition to Nature awakens from its winter slumber also the world of construction projects. If we managed to advance the whole building thoroughly and comprehensively think we can look forward to an enjoyable process of creating new housing. Ideal being from the outset with specialists. And especially in the case of low-energy and passive houses, which in our conditions gradually becoming standard.

Whether you're going to start construction season with the project of reconstruction or new construction, which is mostly brick or assembled from prefabricated wood, we should always follow one main principle. That is a good concept of our building, which confirms mainly architects, whose goal should always be to help builders achieve the highest possible quality of living. This includes both the selection of suitable land and the correct orientation of the house to the cardinal, but also the links to the surrounding buildings, transport and services. All these criteria are very fundamentally affect how we will live then. Technical errors during the actual implementation can eliminate most, however erroneously proposed concept will accompany us forever.

The principles in the construction of efficient home

The above words apply with increased emphasis mainly for buildings that have ambitions to bring in addition to convenience and comfort, also significant energy savings. Low-energy and passive houses that meet these criteria are now the trend and build their practice and enforce building standards. Conservatively minded builders is still perceived as a more expensive option, but that just when suitably chosen concept may not be true. "Today's energy-efficient homes are filled with technology that is necessary to properly utilize our housing and ideally incorporate. They are mostly high-end solution, whether it is necessary to recovery or quality shading large glazed areas that may not be in the final reckoning expensive. If, however, we offer our clients exactly what they need, "says Lubomír Valenta, manager of Lomax, who for energy-efficient homes adds shading equipment, garage doors and entrance doors.

The desire for a complicated house versus modern simplicity

With the experience from abroad, especially from German-speaking countries, many domestic experts know that in our still surviving architectural stereotypes. This applies not only to the generally lower level of quality construction and project management, as well as thinking people who want to build a new house. Despite a growing number of high quality energy efficient homes that could withstand even abroad, is a persistent dream Czech builders big house with many complicated elements. Modern energy-efficient homes while they are nothing but buildings with a very simple, mostly rectangular layout. Are oriented large glass surfaces on the south side of the house had the necessary solar gains, which in quality thermal insulation of external walls and roof serve as a natural source of heat especially in winter. Even before the power of the sun's rays, it is necessary to recall the quality shading, which we welcome, especially in summer, when even in our climatic conditions create the interior overheating.

Mastered details that make the house Housing

The task of building professionals who deal with energy concepts of today's home and remains primarily explaining the basic concepts and principles. Basically to understand that if the desire for energy-efficient housing is not primarily on the quantity purchased or insulation bricks, but that building in the outcome as much as possible with the definition of low-energy and passive standard, which is not in our climatic conditions quite difficult attainable. Therefore, of course, there is no need at all costs to reach the magical energy performance requirements expressed as number 15 kWh per square meter per year. It could in fact significantly expensive, which in turn brings an in-depth planning and clever concept for living, which not only saves energy but also money.

In addition to setting the optimal energy parameters, however, during the implementation crucial to pay attention to a number of different details. Choose quality windows, good choices heating system should be supplemented or building aesthetically operating and maximum functional shielding elements. "Again, it's part of the building, which should be considered already at the beginning of our construction plans. It is the stage where we have enough time to consider whether we want to have, for example, shutters built under the plaster, or vice versa, select the classic exterior shutters, "says Lubomír Valenta that elements of shading technology is now also possible to place the finished building." This are products that are designed for retrofitting, characterized by visible box then, "says Valenta.

Although the times and ways of construction are constantly changing, one remains the same. Really good concept of the house in which we will necessarily places increased emphasis on energy savings, and sheer foundation for us to finally achieve high living comfort, energy-efficient, healthy and financially acceptable.

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