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New Town Hall invites you to a lookout tower. A wine festival.

New Town Hall invites you to a lookout tower. A wine festival. On Saturday, March 21 will be opened after the winter rest reopened landmark of the New Town Hall - nearly 70 m high tower, built in 1456, located in the center of Prague Charles Square.

The tower where it leads 221 steps, visitors, certainly at the forefront of foreign tourists will be able to enjoy an unusual view of the city from a bird's-eye view. Throughout the year, will be also visit the permanent exhibition about the history of the New Town and Prague in the Flat panoramic jailer. Open daily from 10 to 18 hours out Monday.

The box office tower can buy small souvenirs, collectibles postcards and magnets with motive towers, but also tickets for some concerts, held at the New Town Hall or view the monthly program of events, which one of the national cultural heritage is organized for the general public.

The premiere wine festival

On 27th 3rd and 28. 3. 2015 New Town Hall in Prague Charles Square introduce seller of wine and products of the European Union. Unique New Town Hall premises will thus become a place for tasting and sale of delicious wines from France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and aperitifs from Belgium. At the same time visitors will be able to taste the delicious French cheeses, sausages, pates or Belgian pralines, Greek olives, Spanish tapas and specialties from Slovenia.

Wine festival at the New Town Hall is a premiere festival.
On Saturday 28. 3. 2015 event takes place 10 to 20 hours, and the general public, lovers of wine, good food and all those who like to entertain. Delicious food and wine complement the dance performance of our Spanish partners.

In all areas of historic New Town Hall are prepared tasting and sale of wines and delicious food from different EU countries, including the Czech Republic. On Friday, 27. 3. 2015 event takes place 15 to 21 hrs., And is intended only to professionals. Present are primarily Spanish producers of wine and food.

Director of the New Town Hall, Mr. Kubišta festival welcomes: "I am very pleased that the New Town Hall becomes the place where they meet the European countries and their unique products. Personally I'm looking forward to tasting the best wines and I believe that this first year will be good for both the seller and for our visitors that are cordially invited. "
Admission is free for all visitors. Wine goblet'll issued against a deposit of 50 CZK.

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