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Chartistka and dissident, writer Lenka Procházková the present.

What else could it be than tactics. Whether the plan of killing student faked Šmída devised anyone have produced it. Cups patience ran out. But it was not a good foundation stone changes, even promising prognosis for the future. Masaryk said that states are maintained on the ideals on which it was formed. If anything was founded on fraud, so it can not have strong legs. ...

Just me it probably sounds weird, but I must say that the normalization of life in the not so gray, cramped and uniform, as now written in textbooks. Was there room for cohesion and human decency. (...)

People who in childhood and youth spent in Munich and then war can not be blamed for liberation entered the Communist Party because they felt gratitude to the soldiers of the Red Army, which for us was made more than a hundred and thirty thousand. Therefore, in 1946 in Bohemia communists got so many votes.
Communism was in the postwar era really seen as a promising direction full of energy. (...)

Sometimes I called to lectures, and so, I know that many college students today do not know the basic facts of the modern history of his country, let alone the history of the world. Communist education while also přechylovalo history in his own image, but where are dug at today's magician. When I was growing up in the late sixties, was one of our schools the best in the world and the art was also on top. Today, films from the golden era embarking on TV at night, to the few survivors of the conscious, rational and sleeping herd remained intact attributes.

It is said that a small nation can be great only for its culture and education. If this tradition forgets what glue will hold together? TV series?
It seems to me that again we live in a cage, covered with a cloth. Fortunately, today many, and there are more and more, looking for cracks in the Celta Vigo. These chinks in the internet. (...)

Recently I have some articles on the Internet to read the prophecy that the Czech statehood is over a hundred years.

Indeed, it seems that the development of the matter. Distribution of the Republic was the first step. Transmission of property and land to the church and nobility, which is a denial of the meaning of Masaryk land reform has taken place. Independent foreign policy does not exist, only the president is trying to do something. For national interests. A Media him for that Cup.
Devastation education continues. The industry, agriculture, health and social policy will not even talk. What remains to complete? Cancel Benes decrees and conclude a concordat with the Vatican ...

On the clasp past and present with the future is today embargo. We act as if we live in a timeless. And yet the time inclines. Defense mechanisms, including for example instinct gradually disappears when they are attacked by a continuous stream of information. Most of the information is ephemeral and zero predictive value. Still, I like to think that we are in. Our brain is created but for other programs than the external massage. (...)

Most people in 1989 did not constitute a regime change degenerates into capitalism, which does not comply with or to say nothing of their own rules. Many had hoped that we will build on the ideals of the revival process. That is freedom of the press, that opens the possibility of small business and private
agriculture, but that large enterprises remain state. Sure imagined that sell water and foreign companies and that part of the woods and fields devote Church.

Maybe if in December 1989 became president Dubcek, could the hopes and rallying a longer duration. This would slow down and perhaps even not enforce ahistorical return to capitalism. Republic would probably fall apart. But Dubcek's candidacy surrendered at the urging Havel. He was in fact explained that only Havel's personality can be a guarantee that the state retains intact. (...)

Dubcek was not allowed to become president or Slovakia. It was a symbol of what was to be buried, because the powers of this world had other plans. What role played in those plans Havel, we can only guess. Among his works is obvious that he did not feel to be an actor, but creator. I think this illusion lasted until his death. As a writer I Dubcek's character seems more tragic. (...)

We got what we wanted. We live from day to day and in fear of what tomorrow will bring. And tomorrow may be a war. Economists fear that is inevitable. Armament corporations they hope.
This time Russia but will not bail out Europe. So he wakes up one minute to twelve!

Lenka Prochazkova interview, Parliamentary sheets.
I am ashamed of the state where pensioners SACU containers

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