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Health risks of traveling: the most common injuries on the road

Traffic accidents, accidents in water or violent acts. Tourists abroad many dangers lurk. Unexpected events but you can usually prevent sophisticated prevention. Thus, there is no rational reason why you should list with disabilities find themselves too.

Indiscipline tourists kills most

According to the World Health Organization are the main cause of death and disability across the globe injuries. The main reason for the death of many tourists are also unexpected accidents abroad. In the age group 5-29 years old make up about half of the accidents fatalities. The main danger is surprisingly not at all infectious diseases, indiscipline travelers. The sad fact contributes ignorance of local conditions and traffic rules and risky behavior in the context of carefree relaxation. The most common cause of accidents are accidents, acts of violence and risks associated with aquatic pleasure. In the group of females, is also a high risk crime of rape.

Danger on the road

It is estimated that every day die on the roads around 3500 inhabitants of our planet. Travelers in these statistics figure primarily as pedestrians and motorcyclists. Great danger threatens, especially in developing countries. Locals are often very undisciplined drivers. Fatalities, however, travelers do not avoid even in many European countries. Among undoubtedly the riskiest countries include, for example, Egypt, India, Mexico, Dominican Republic and China.

Tips for safe driving

Safety belts. When driving any means of transport Always keep your seatbelt. If traveling with children, consider the purchase of child safety seats.
The danger behind the wheel. Avoid travel areas with high poverty population. On local places greater risk robbery and other violent crimes. If these places you will go through yet, it's never done in the night.
Motorcycling. When driving always wear a helmet, if necessary, it can bring from home. On the two-wheeled motor means sit, if a motorcycle do not have too much experience. Stay abroad is definitely not a good time to gain driving experience.
Alcohol. Before taking a seat behind the wheel consume alcohol and avoid driving with persons under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.
Mobile phones. The drive-held phone, in many states there is a strict ban on the use of mobile phones while driving. Although many locals may do just the opposite, certainly not mimic their behavior.
Bulk transport means.
Do not overcrowded means of transport. If you want to use taxi services, contact a travel agent or local, which ones are safe and reliable.
Pedestrians. Transport routes in some states more like animatedly living anthill. Be alert when crossing the road, especially in countries where traffic drives on the left side of the road. If you are unsure about traffic safety, allow yourself to make someone local.

Injuries in water

The most common fatal injuries while in the water include drowning. Hazardous areas are particularly treacherous underwater currents. Seawater also pose risks as sea urchins, jellyfish and corals. Always in advance about the risks that you may lurk beneath the surface. If you are not good swimmers, drop away from the shallows. A separate chapter deals alcohol intoxication. The sun, alcohol and hot climates because they can bewilder nejednomu travelers. Before the stay in the water thus consume any alcoholic beverages or rather abide in the shallows. Lovers of extreme sports should take their adventures with a certified guide.

Violent acts

Violence is the leading public health problem and traveling. Every year lose their lives due to violence, nearly 2 million people. Tourists are abroad is considered rich, naive and inexperienced goals. Traveling in areas with high poverty, civil unrest at the time, under the influence of alcohol and drugs brings many risks. To avoid becoming a prominent goal of thugs, limit travel at night and out rather vyrážejte accompaniment. Tourists should also abroad did not show off expensive clothes and accessories. For accommodation you prefer to arrange a room on the upper floors and thoroughly lock your doors and windows. Of course there should be storage of valuables in safes. If you did just find yourself faced with a rapist, instead of resistance and surrender all valuables. Immediately after the incident report to the local embassy and proceed in accordance with the local police. Women should not travel abroad alone and wearing provocative clothing.

Travel undoubtedly brings many interesting experiences. During your journey you may be allowed to meet many dangerous pitfalls. I prefer to always follow the safety instructions traffic offices, the State Department or the local population. Would you did bring fond memories, and not creepy experience. From there, things certainly is not out travel insurance to protect you in the event of accidents, thefts and crimes.

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