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What foods and how to fight against spring fever

Everyone's life is significantly determined by its genetic determination. Equal weight also have living conditions which have a certain rhythm and controls, among other things. Change of seasons. Winter is for our organism rather exhaustive. How to Prepare for battle with the upcoming spring fatigue?

At the end of the winter, most of us can manifest unpleasant changes in metabolism and immunity. Spring should be a period when changing living conditions - especially in nutrition - remove the reasons mentioned health problems and prepare for a more active part of the year.

"The winter period is undoubtedly considerable burden for humans. It is necessary to adapt the nutritional fact that in winter, have higher energy requirements. For most people, is limited physical activity. To a greater extent we are exposed to infectious diseases, especially viral. The lack of sunlight causes decreased levels of vitamin D, "says prof. Dr.. Jan Krejsek, PhD. the project plus White. "The change in diet can influence positively immunity. In order for our immune system correctly and quickly enough to work, you need the optimal mix of nutrients. "

Not only the vitamins, but also animal protein

In the spring diet must therefore have a significant representation of fresh vegetables. Through reduce caloric intake. You supply the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. This food ingredient must be accompanied by a high-quality animal protein.
"A good source of animal protein, which is also tasty, milk and milk products, including butter. Milk is an important source of protein, sugar, fats, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, "explains Professor Krejsek.
Qualitative and quantitative representation of milk products, according to his words, the optimal source for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Miraculous "deck" of milk fat

What nutrients are in milk and milk products for our immune system so indispensable? Firstly, it is a vitamin D, which is contained largely in milk fat. Vitamin D is responsible for the regulation of 900 genes, many of which are directly involved in the management of immunity.
"Vitamin D strengthens our defense against pathogenic microbes. Perhaps the more important in the control of damaging components of immunity, which may be part of immune diseases, eg. Multiple sclerosis, "says the expert.

Thanks prebiotic healthy intestine - Centre immunity, says Professor

It is proven that our food significantly affects a huge ecosystem based on the intestinal mucosa - intestinal microbiota physiological (microflora). Presents her with the necessary impetus to ensure its barrier function indirectly affect mucosal and systemic immunity. Intestinal microbiota positively stimulate the complex sugars that are called prebiotics.
"Prebiotics are varying degrees contained in vegetables, legumes, whole grain flours. The regular food is the most prebiotics in garlic, onions, wheat bran and surprisingly also in bananas. Prebiotics our body can not digest. However stimulate intestinal microbiota and subsequently positively affect the immune system, "says a leading immunologist and allergist Czech.

Probiotic - the secrets of longevity?

Around 100 years ago, he noticed immunologist, later Nobel laureate, Ilija Mechnikov that mountain populations of the Balkans live to old age in good health. The reason was the frequent consumption of fermented dairy products, yogurt character. Organism beneficial ingredients yogurt attributed immunologist lactic acid bacteria that convert milk into yogurt.
Since then, much has been made of laboratory and clinical experiments that led to the definition of so-called. Probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria organism, we take with food. But be careful here - not every lactic acid bacteria meets the criteria for probiotic.
"The probiotic bacterial strain must be immune to the aggressive environment of the stomach and must also withstand the effects of the components of pancreatic secretions and bile components. At the same time has proven, at least temporarily, to colonize the intestinal mucosa and become part of the intestinal microbiota. Therefore, we need to be always on the information of the food sure that it contains probiotic cultures. The product of lactic acid bacteria are all fermented milk products. They are useful both for our intestinal metabolism and for immunity. Fermented milk products are easier to digest and are usually better tolerated than milk. They are also enriched with vitamins and growth many elements which produce the lactic acid bacteria precisely, "adds Prof. Dr.. Jan Krejsek, PhD. the project plus White.

The difficulties associated with winter and start the proper function of metabolism and immunity in the spring period, therefore, requires the presence of our spring diet of milk and milk products.

Author: Šárka Pelcová
Source: FF e-mail

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