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Febiofest starts "Professor Snape from Harry Potter" Alan Rickman

At the opening ceremony of the International Film Festival Prague - Febiofest takes Christian statuette for his contribution to world cinema alongside actress Kim Novak and Oscar-winning director Jean-Jacques Annaud one of Britain's finest actors working today Alan Rickman.

Febiofest will today launch a large costume spectacle from the time of King Louis XIV. The king's gardener, where Rickman plays and who also directed. The second opening film Febiofest will Annaudův new image Talisman wolves.

One of Britain's finest actors working today, winner of a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his starring role in Rasputin, known as Professor Snape from Harry Potter and the actor Alan Rickman faces many devoted the first half of the planks of a theater career. Rickman also debuted in the 90s as the director of acclaimed film The Winter Guest with Emma Thompson in the title role. Febiofest audience will see the Czech sneak preview only his second directorial work Králova gardener. In the epic romance from the time of the Sun King and the creation of gardens at Versaille you Rickman also starred, amongst others. Alongside Kate Winslet. Rickman played dozens of roles for the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham from the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves won a BAFTA Award, he played in the movie Love Actually or Sense and Sensibility, the eighties is known to viewers of the spectator hit Die Hard.

On the second day of the festival arrives internationally acclaimed Israeli director Eran Riklis, whose first films were in the 90s in the program i Berlinale festival in Venice. As part of its numbers indicate Febiofest four shots. Among them film The Syrian Bride, winning the audience prize at Locarno, which sees the bureaucratic difficulties of wedding guests in the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights. Riklis won a similar price to the Berlinale film Lemony sad for the Palestinian widow who tries to prevent the felling of lemon to which it resorts new neighbor - Israeli Defense Minister. Viewers will see the festival still Riklisovu tragicomedy Personalista a snapshot Dancing Arabs, the story of a Palestinian youngster growing up in a Jewish environment, which is currently nominated for four annual awards of the Israeli Film Academy awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Febiofest in cooperation with the Polish Institute in Prague, will present at the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II Poland section 44th It will attempt to deal with the tragic national experiences of the twentieth century through the answers to the question of whether the film is used for strengthening or demolition of national myths, and closer to the experience of War and the generations who have not experienced it themselves. In this section, Clash classic works of Polish Film School with their newest counterparts. Two views of the events of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 conveys the drama Andrzej Wajda Channels and spectators expected generously war movie filmed City 44 young director Jana Komasa the love story of young rebels against the background of the destruction of Warsaw. Classic film Operation Arsenal Jana Lomnického and Stones strength Robert Gliński are back film adaptation of the same story from the history of the Scout anti-Nazi resistance. Section complement demytologizující Eroica Andrzej Munk and unique contemporary fake documentary composed of podbarvených with audio and archival film footage called the Warsaw Uprising.

Unusual characters and their feelings of loneliness, rootlessness, divide, social handicapovanosti and exclusivity taking place from Iceland to Africa - this is a list of the central theme of this year's competition images New Europe. The main character Patrick's Day suffers from schizophrenia, but his condition suddenly improved after he falls in love. I love figures in British drama X + Y, in which the autistic Nathan attend the Olympics in China, where he meets the beautiful Mei. Aerobics - Love Story together again brings two mentally disabled who want to break into television with his own show dedicated aerobics . Rootlessness is then own heroes Finnish film Refugees who decide to escape from a correctional institution for juveniles. African refugees stands in the middle of the movie Hope, while in the film Poet from kindergarten creates a child prodigy at age five mature poem. On a lighter note plays romantic comedy Pause the introverted music lover or an almost "ameliovská" fairy tale for adults Liza, fox fairy. Czech representative in this year's competition is then Schmitke debut on aging German engineer, who is posted to the Czech border, so here repaired turbine wind power, and Czech track can also be found in the Icelandic-Czech co-production shot in Life aquarium.

In the section of the World panorama, which together offer 17 films, this year has the largest representation of British film, presents several images and Poland, which in recent years on the rise. At present, about the most outstanding Polish creator Wojciech Smarzowski which Febiofest gave homage to five years ago, made ​​a strong story U guardian angel of writers struggling with the demon alcohol. The festival will present the last of the legendary Polish film director Krzysztof Zanussi foreign body, which last year launched a prestigious festival in Toronto. Zanussi was awarded to Kristian Febiofest already in 2001. In making the selection of the most interesting of the past year can not miss the last frame of the Spanish director Carlos Vermouth titled Magical Girl - unusual drama with thriller elements it carries from San Sebastian festival awards for best film and best director . A couple of years into the past returns last film prolific creator of the award-winning British at festivals in Berlin or Cannes by Michael Winterbottom. In the movie The face of an angel inspired by the story of American student accused of murdering his roommate plays the lead role of Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl. Australian continent will be represented at this year's Febiofest biggest star: Hollywood actress megastar Russell Crowe But this time he will appear in the role of the debut movie director Journey of Hope, in which he starred opposite Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

International Film Festival Prague - Febiofest will take 19 to 27 March.

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