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In discharging meet two generations of actors in the same roles

New Czech comedy Dodgeball bestseller by Michael Viewegh which has entered into cinemas on March 12, connects starring two actors generations.

The film tells the story of friends from high school who stayed together and experience life in the next twenty-five years and now meet at school reunions.

All the main characters have their own younger self. Trio of friends, which in adulthood portray the stars of the popular "bunch" - Richard Genzer, Andrew Sokol and Michal Suchanek, in his student years created Michal ŠAŠINKA (Skippy), Václav Matejovsky (Jeff) and Jakub Burýšek (Tom).

How was satisfied with their performance director Petr Nikolaev?
"I thought it was the greatest challenge being how they manage to combine those stars with representatives of the younger roles, who mostly had no experience in front of the camera,"
says Petr Nikolaev and adds: "I knew that the thing that I can affect the most is just performance young actors. I am grateful Mirka Hyžíková for excellent casting. And above all, we were lucky. Those people are just great, "praising the young generation director. The role of the beauties of Eve in two time planes will replace two well-known Czech models - Simona Krainová and Linda Bartošová. "I must say that when I first met Linda at costume test, I was really surprised at how similar we are. I think the director hit the choice really well, "says Simona Krainová for which the film is a big return to the big screen.

A character class ugliest Hujerová, plays with great insight Simona Babčáková and she also has to his younger self - Johan Vašková - only words of praise. "We met with Joan several times before filming and we immediately hit it off. I really like and I realized how beautiful is youth itself. Actually, I thought of Joan realized I was pretty when I was thirteen and did not realize it, "says Simona Babčáková.

"I'm rooting for those ošklivkám," says
Petr Nikolaev. "There I felt the potential, these girls are young outsiders, but that life will eventually discharge and it is sympathetic to them."

Only Lukas Vaculik, who play dodgeball in the class of professor walked film aging makeup artist just using your hands.

A shooting took place as you can see in the film on film

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