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Prague Zoo: Spring weather brings out winter and sleeper

Sunshine and above-average temperatures and winter finally awakened sleeper Prague zoo. Do outdoor enclosure for the first time visited woodchuck prairie and prairie dogs who have come down in the fall to winter rest. And the ravens have carried down - spring, according to them here!

Pražští woodchuck they went into hibernation in late October. The first suspicion that it had awakened forest animals, breeders already conceived before last weekend, when he disappeared from the prepared feed two carrots. Last week they were marmots in the paddock even seen not only farmers, but also visitors.
Woodchuck spend their winter sleep more than 6 months of the year, the temperature during this time dropped to just 2 ° C. To have survived so long, late summer recruit fat reserves, so the autumn weigh up to two pounds more than in the spring.

Above average temperatures brought out and Black-tailed prairie dog, who this year gave a pretty good time. While in previous years, these social creatures lay up to a long winter rest before Christmas last year, he dedicated and woke him up this week!
The Prague zoo has prairie dogs in exposure for lemurs island where visitors can watch as there are building levees to them when torrential rains water flooded their dens.

Ravens of the Prague Spring zoo announced more than a week ago

Klara and Christopher, ravens great from the Prague zoo, endured March 11 eggs. According to tradition, it is verified bunch of ravens clinching the arrival of spring and ensures that the cold weather will not return.

"When the ravens with us in the Prague zoo tolerate eggs, we all know that he is really coming spring and chicks are hatched in fair weather. It is a prediction proven wealth of experience, "he
says with a smile Zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Females ravens tolerate large blue eggs with reddish skvrněním on which sit three weeks. Prague Klara females lay eggs almost every year to the nearest day.

Ravens grow to large sizes up to 50 cm. The wingspan reaching about one meter. Echoed the typical husky krákáním well mimic the human voice. They live in permanent pairs. They nest in early spring and many years of returns in one place. Nest of twigs, grass and moss builds on trees or rocks inaccessible.

Prague Zoo is an important and very successful breeder birds in Europe. In 2014, there hatched a total of 501 offspring of 110 species and many of them are rare and endangered.

Interestingly attach an overview of the first brood by ravens in previous years:
2011 - March 13
2012 - March 11
2013 - March 12
2014 - March 5
2015 - March 11

Source: tz Zoo Praha, edited,
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník

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