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Platinum Time clearcuts Eben Brothers Band

In 2014, Eben Brothers released a new album Time clearcuts. The album received for 10,000 records sold "platinum", which the band has taken on Monday, March 23, 2015 concert at the Prague theater Hybernia. The album is currently nominated for the Angel Award in the genre of folk and country.

The album titled "Time glades" is the fifth studio album of the band Eben Brothers.
Published in mid-October 2014 on the label 100PROmotion on CD, LP and USB.
The album contains 13 new songs. The author of all (music and lyrics) is Marek Eben. The exception is Goodbye and farewell, a poem, the Statue. Lyrics Routa is then written on the motives of W. Shakespeare.

Now Rue is the only single from the album, he sings Marek Eben, but dear guest album, singer Barbora Kabátková. The album was recorded entirely in analog SONO records sound engineer Paul Rich and under the supervision of producer and guitarist Paul Rocks. Band since 2002, when I recorded the album at Tom DeLay, operates at a fixed assembly. In addition to Mark, Christopher and David ebony band consists of Paul Rock (guitar), George Smith (bass, accordion), Jiří Zelenka (drums and percussion) and Jaromir Honzák (bass). As a guest on several tracks participated jazz trumpeter Oskar Török.

Mix Album befriended the legendary British engineer Phill Brown. He is in the music industry well-known personalities - from the list of icons of the music industry, for which he worked to name Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd or Dido and many others.
Mastering was entrusted (as in the case of previous album Bread) Andy "Hippy" Baldwin Metropolis Studios in London. Graphics took the band's longtime collaborator, Charles medallion with Ludek Kubik.

Photographs taken for the album, as well as on the previous album Jaroslav Prokop.

Goodbye and farewell - taste of the album.

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