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Scientists are looking for new vaccination. Drugs!

There are several natural substances, but also those specially developed laboratory, which causes ingestion of drug fails expected benefit. Sometimes there is even the opposite effect and you feel rather worse. Help addicts vaccine in the future?

Hnojník ink is an edible mushroom that grows in Europe and North America. Its taste is slightly sour and is used for example in soups. Coprinus, however, has one major side effect - after its ingestion difficult alcohol.

Sponge surprised

A special substance that contains Hnojník - coprin - blocks scanning acetaldehyde in the body. The same effect occurs when excessive drinking, which is totally exhausted capacity of the enzyme responsible for the decomposition of acetaldehyde. In both cases, the substance will accumulate and appear before the hangover symptoms - headaches, pounding heart , nausea and more. This property Hnojník be used in the treatment of excessive drinking. Unfortunately effects after ingestion of alcohol in this way people treated were so bad that the fungus was repudiated. Here we see clearly how difficult it is to find an addiction treatment for active ingredient. The human body is often very complex and therefore come unexpected results - in the case of the ink Hnojník treatment was more damaging than the actual alcoholism.

Without enjoyment

At present, constantly discovering new and new substances, which should serve as a drug vaccine in dependence on heroin, cocaine and nicotine. All three vaccines work similarly:
Triggers an immune response when ingested drugs and the body produces antibodies, which then bind to the drug in the bloodstream.
She is unable to connect to specific receptors in the brain thus does not so much expected benefit.
The vaccine consists of virus that causes common colds with attached substance identical to the drug - the body creates antibodies against both.
The immune system is thus "outwitted" to generate antibodies that block after consuming the drug and prevents kýženému effect.

These vaccines are still only in the early stages of research, and it is unclear what would have been their effectiveness and safety. Another problem is the fact that the vaccine binds only about 80% of the ingested drugs. Research has revealed that cocaine-dependent patients have tried using a significant increase in the dose vaccine created by the blockade "break". It is interesting that this behavior was not observed in a similar study dealing with heroin addicts.

What is a goal?

The goal of all previously created vaccines is to suppress the effect of drugs, but unfortunately it does not mean that at the same time will decrease dependence. It should differ from methadone, which acts as substitutions opiate dependence, or disulfiram which causes very unpleasant reaction to alcohol (like Coprinus inkjet).
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Despite all of these new findings and discoveries in the field of vaccines against addiction is important to realize that the most important therapy is not biological, but psychological. Even Antabuse (disulfiram), a drug used in the treatment of alcoholism, it is not absolutely reliable for long-term abstinence without supplementary advice. Everything is complicated by the fact that when something works for one patient, there is no guarantee that it will occupy for the second. So far, therefore, soon working on pure drug vaccine does not.

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