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Ferdinand Vanek Vaclav Havel comes alive in Švandovo theater

After whores from Arbesa and Bilak with Putin at ŠVANDA plays Václav Havel. His game Protest along with recently written briefcase Rest Mark Hejduk's zinscenuje Daniel Hrbek, who is also director Smíchovské scene.

Stage Protest novelty / Rest will premiere on April 25 in an underground Studio.

Cycle interesting acting opportunities that Švandovo Theatre presents under the name of intimate conversation and welcomes more surprising encounter unexpected pairs. On the small studio scene, this time not only meet two characters, but the dialogue together will also lead two different games and their authors. Directed by Daniel Hrbek the processing stage will see the game Protest famous playwright Vaclav Havel and the latest "Vankovka" Rest by the playwright in 2011 joined Marek Hejduk. Both briefcases separated by 33 years, and combines the familiar figure dissident writer Ferdinand Vanek. This first and then invite himself to visit his colleague, with past and present regime Conveniently stock devour writer Stanek. In both cases result from their meeting offer that is hard to accept and even harder to refuse ...

"Havel's play revolves around signing under protest - a petition for the release of imprisoned songwriter in the Hejduková is the loss of attention and resolving debt from the past,"
says Daniel Hrbek. According to him, the two pieces combine excellently well written characters, honed dialogues and surprising turns of situations, resulting in a funny paradox. Both authors also builds their heroes before a tricky decision to investigate their attitudes and ability to transform words into action - and thus invited viewers to explore their own ideas and actions ...

In the forthcoming studio novelty bet the director played by actor pair of file Švandovo theater. As Vanek will present Robert Jaśkowy, stalls will play Tomas Pavelka. "Protest and Rest can be played on personal courage and responsibility arising therefrom, the relationship of dissent and the so-called gray zone, the two opposing human attitudes or quite simply - the temptation, "adds performance dramaturge Lucie Kolouchová. Chamber creative team adds Jozef Hugo Čačko as a set designer.

Vanek and Vaňkovka: history is still alive

Ferdinand Vanek figure as his other self styled Václav Havel was first used in the Audience (1975) and then put him on the scene even in Vernissage (1975), and Protest (1978). The author himself about his hero said: "Vanek is not Havel. Of course, I tucked into some of the character my own experience ... and I have no doubt that character also gave some of his personal traits, specifically something about how I myself see in certain situations. But all this does not mean that it is a self-portrait of my ... Vaňkovský games are therefore essentially play on Vanek, but about the world, how it manifests itself when confronted with a breeze, "wrote Vaclav Havel.

Figura named Vanek then appeared in nine other plays Havel's friends and peers: the testimonials, morass and Safari Pavel Kohout in revenue Dienstbier and Aresti and Sanitary night Paul Landovský. The only foreign "Vaňkovka" Rock'n'roll is not Tom Stoppard. Game Rest Mark Hejduk got to the final round of the Alfred Radok in 2012 and a year later as a staged reading said Řeznická Theatre. In order to Rest is already the eleventh game with a character of that name.

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