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Wild horses in Milovice were released on a large pasture

Milovičtí Broncos were released on Saturday, March 21 at čtyřicetihektarovou big pasture. It is on the Broncos will graze year-round rare steppe vegetation and thus prevent ingrown its aggressive self-seeding grasses and shrubs. Saturday horses were in acclimatization dvouhektarové pasture. The herd now numbers 14 mares in April will be added stallion.

Milovic Mayor Milan Pour during a ceremony to launch said that the project combined two aspects of agrotourism, because the site has become a popular destination for tourists, partly protective aspect, which will remain unique habitats. Horses grazing grasses actually help preserve precious natural species such as herbs and insects. Simultaneously with the launch of horses in a corral opened the first part of the Nature Reserve Milovice.

Ceremonial ribbon was cut on Saturday, Governor of the Central Region Miloš Peter, Deputy Governor Marek Semerád, Milovic Mayor Milan Pour, Director of the management of the Operational Programme Environment, the State Environmental Fund Martin Kubica and Director of the Regional Veterinary Administration Zdeněk Emperor.

"Horses were initially unsure how the new space, which opened the door, and a large number of photographers and television crews. After a while, but ran into the pasture, which happens to be home next few years, "said
Dalibor Dostal, director of conservation organizations Czech landscape.

Sparse lawns former military area inhabited by many rare plants and animals. Exceptional is especially diversity of invertebrate animals. "The dwindling pools and puddles we find a similar example trilobitům shellfish shrimp and tadpole shrimp summer summer. Survives there are a number of rare and endangered beetles among chroustků, ground beetles, rove beetle or "lists representative protected fauna Miloslav Jirků of Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences.

The uneasy life of one modráska

In 2009 in this area found 62 kinds of butterflies. Their uncrowned king is Phengaris rebeli whose only feeds on gentian. The local populations of both species belong to the most numerous in the country. Due to its relation to rare gentian is Phengaris rebeli in the Czech countryside dying, critically endangered butterfly.

"The royal couple themselves, however, are not enough. Larvae modráska Although the first live gentian, but then fall to the ground, where they wait until you find ants and carry them to the nest. Here caterpillars one to two years to parasitize ants, sometimes even eat their eggs and larvae, "says Miloslav Jirků. Caterpillars ants smell like ant larvae, so consider their own and feed them. Adulthood, they still can live only 10 to 20 percent. The most vulnerable are the butterflies during hatching, during this period, namely cease to secrete a substance through which they managed to confuse the ants. By the time the Butterfly "giveaway", ants begin to attack intruders and most butterflies defend himself.

Large ungulates in Milovice help protect endangered not only butterflies, but also many other rare animals. In the book there are protected amphibians, reptiles, birds and bats. He regularly appeared here and sometimes nest hoopoe.

Saturday morning was, however, at a certain time on the last day, when visitors could view the wild horses well. On the extensive pasture because horses will often move to places far from the view of tourists. In the future, however, should be built in Milovice observation towers that tourists could horses from a distance to see again. In addition, the plan conservationists supplement for horses bred aurochs back into a nearby location to launch bison.

Wild horses arrived in Milovic on 28 January. They come from the English Exmoor where they live since time immemorial in the wild. The first written mention of them dates from 1086 and is the oldest records of wild horses in Europe. Genetic studies in recent years have found that just horses from Exmoor exactly match their appearance and color of the original wild horses of Europe.


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