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Our wallets are ruining debts relatives and friends

Our wallets are ruining debts relatives and friends Maybe you know this from personal experience. People who have money, you do not borrow too much and those who are based just barely, to share with you a little also. And sometimes even offer and what they do not. The result? Finally, have neither friend nor money, they remain only foreign debts and plenty of worries as nedopadnout entirely on the financial bottom.

Similar stories solves lawyers every day plentiful. For example, Mr. Roman of Oral nad Labem did not hesitate for a moment and when he learned that his friend has financial problems, he himself offered to lend him. Although he bit surprised that debt has soared to a friend hundred and fifty thousand, but decided to leave it at that. And despite the fact that he himself had about a hundred thousand borrowed his name - the part of the bank with the money chose from credit cards. Mr. Roman's done for his friend, despite himself was for many years a great opponent of borrowing and indebtedness.

Best friend

"I had no idea with a friend to write a contract, we knew each other from childhood did, she lives far away from me, so why do formality. I had no idea what was going to happen, "recounts his sad story, Mr. Roman." A friend gave me back only CZK 3,000 and continued to pay him reluctant and simply stopped. Phones do not take to the street to avoid me, and when we meet, and denies the loan. Unfortunately, I have borrowed money from their pay, including high interest rates, which I had not even thought ahead, "complains Roman and desperately seeks help from lawyers - unfortunately too late.

Dodgers bank will not lend

Banks longer time very carefully choose who will provide a loan and who not. Therefore, there is no exception, if a loan applicant refuse. "In our counseling will then meet with a number of cases where a friend or family member wanted someone bailout alone on a very heavily suffered," says Kateřina Procházková, spokesperson free counseling portal Poradnaveritele .com. In just the last six months is about tens of similar cases. Almost always, moreover, were loans for things superfluous, usually a car, new household items, Christmas gifts, holiday abroad or a loan, which would slay another - former loan that the borrower was unable to repay.

We lack the legal and financial literacy

Characteristic for such help a friend, a friend or relative is a complete absence of any loan contracts. And what's more! Most of those who lend to someone and themselves because they take credit, interest not think they will have to pay the bank. And those are not usually just low. Especially if you run out of your friend because of overdraft, credit card or borrowing money from non-banking entity.
Similarly fell Mrs. Marta from Prague, who thus lent a total of four hundred thousand. She wanted to help her daughter and her boyfriend to new furnishings and play. My husband borrowed by banks, non-banking companies selected credit cards and overdrafts. Boyfriend broke up with her daughter, picked up the car leasing company defaults and furthermore it remained huge debts. Of the four hundred thousand is now due to interest debt more than a million crowns. Former boyfriend does not intend to pay anything and Mrs. Marta with her husband and daughter are barely on rent.

Do not lend to those who refused bank loan!

"The bank can very well examine the applicant for a loan, and if he refuses to give her eventually, knows very well why he was doing," warns all potential benefactors Procházková. If someone Bank evaluates nesloventního is more than likely will not even have to make a loan to repay you. Additionally, you risk that the bank will pay 1.5 - 2 times higher than you borrowed.
"Worse! Often in such cases forgets interest. Even if you are familiar with all the borrowed money back, well it probably will pay. The difference between the amount loaned to a friend and the final sum repaid the bank will most likely pay from her, without you this money for anything indulged. For one hundred thousand may still be an interest in the amount of fifty thousand or more, depends on the time of repayment and on what type of loan you choose, "says Procházková.

Where nothing is ...

A good advice finish. If, despite these warnings decide to take a loan for someone, check it in advance, at least in the Central Registry and execution in Insolvenčím register, in addition to inquire known for its payment morale. And before you give him money, with him definitely write down a well-rounded contract!
But having said that, it may happen that the borrowed money will never see again. "If your friend does nothing, then he even executor can not get rid of. In other words - with borrowed money, in which case you can probably say goodbye straight. Therefore, careful consideration, to whom, how and under what conditions borrow, "strongly recommends Kateřina Procházková from the portal

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