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Driving vehicles with right of priority drive

What's really driving the vehicle with the right priority drive? The rules are simple, but they are often misunderstood. 21 2015 was the first report on Czech Television on how drivers behave if he stands in a convoy and that passes through example. Ambulance.

In the report rightly said that some drivers the rules for this situation do not know, or act without thinking, because desperate to allow the ambulance to pass and then often leads to a situation where each vehicle turns to the other side. Let's rather discuss the rules again.

Driving at this time governed by the Law on Road Traffic, which says, "If the density of traffic on motorways and expressways with two lanes in one direction causes a column of stationary vehicles, drivers are required to simultaneously moving vehicles before stopping the vehicle for them to form one clearance lane at least 3.0 meters wide for the passage of vehicles with right of priority drive; if it is in one direction three or more lanes, reduce mutual lateral distance drivers of vehicles in the left and middle lane or middle lane. The drivers in the outer lanes in one direction may be the creation of clearance lane drove onto the shoulder or median dividing strip. Drivers of other vehicles is the entrance to the lane for the passage of vehicles with right of priority drive and ride in this lane is prohibited; this does not apply to the vehicle owner roads and vehicles technical assistance. "

We consider it fundamental rule when the obligation to create a lane for vehicles with priority right away, there is a longer commute to standing (recommendation: as well as slow moving) column of vehicles in two or more traffic lanes.

The correct procedure in a situation of two lanes in one direction is shown, whereby vehicles in the right lane may be admitted on the verge of a vehicle in the left lane on the dividing strip. Strip between vehicles is less than 3 m wide.

In case the situation three or more lanes in one direction of travel is the rule for dodging vehicles described in Fig. 2 (gallery), and is also true that vehicles in extreme lanes may ride onto the shoulder or median dividing strip.

Beware, there is important information. In reportage spots were used by the Austrian traffic rules, which are exactly the opposite! Czech rules are, in our opinion, more practical. In the event that a vehicle with the right priority drive to the motorway or highway, it is still impractical to have to run through all the lanes through the stationary vehicles in the lane, which is the leftmost lane and the right next to him and then when descending to repeat this process . On this issue we introduce the discussion in order to evaluate the effectiveness of individual methods. In Europe, it is advisable to unify these rules.

Drive safely.

Source: tz BESIP

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