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Children three parents - scientific fantasy or reality?

Abroad increasingly inflects the term "parents of three children", especially in connection with changes in the law. What they mean by this term and imagine how it is possible to have more than two parents?

Desire every pregnant woman is to give birth to a healthy baby. And it is this desire to make up the whole essence of the "three parents of children". The researchers found that a large number of genes responsible for inherited diseases are present in the mother's mitochondria, which is part of the cells and we call it breathing and energy center of the cell. The probability that a child will have serious disease due to defective mitochondrial gene is 1: 6500th In doing so, we are talking about diseases that often ends with death even at an early age.

Two mothers, one father

Mitochondrial DNA can fortunately investigate even before the pregnancy.
Thus, if u expectant mothers appeared defect in mitochondrial DNA, it could only be a part of this DNA is replaced thanks to the donation of another woman.
Donor DNA would carry over into the egg mother even before the merger with sperm.
Born child would then be the result of a combination of genes literally three persons - mother that the baby is born, female donor and father.

No sci-fi

Although the process sounds like a science fiction movie, the UK and the USA everything is ready for use. The last obstacle to the statutory provisions. For that method could go into practice, would have to be approved significant changes in legislation. The whole thing has its ethical plane. In particular, opponents warn of the fact that if everything goes through the approval, we will no longer far from "making children in peace." Thus individuals born would be neither negligible amount. Just for the UK is expected birth approximately 150 such children annually in the US, with nearly 780 children per year. It can therefore supply only watch what position the UK and USA as pioneers such procedures take.

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