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Kříženecký, Svejk, Cinderella carnivorous Adele. Digitization will breathe new life into movies

Kříženecký, Svejk, Cinderella carnivorous Adele. Digitization will breathe new life into movies So far, the largest digitization project in the history of Czech film consisting of the restoration of the ten films of two hundred films selected two mA committees of the Ministry of Culture launches on March 30 National Film Archive (NFA).

Valuable collection includes such gems as is a comprehensive collection of images of film pioneer John Kříženeckého from the 19th and 20th centuries, animated Chap Jiří Trnka, color Schweik '50s, fairytale Three Nuts for Cinderella or a detective parody Dinner for Adele from the seventies. Digitization of all ten titles will be completed in April 2016: since then restored films will be available for putting in cinemas, on television and at film festivals. Some of them also sees the audience on DVD and Blu-ray discs.

From digitization highest attainable resolution supporting significantly Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA funds, which are similar to the better-known Norwegian funds. Funds of the three European Economic Area countries and the restoration of Czech films contribute for the first time. The project, worth 26.5 million dofinancovalo Ministry of Culture, technically, this project involves CESNET and its know-how will also provide the Norwegian National Library.

Movie gems relive

"Selected films will see again in their original form: not improved by the current fashion, but as with them in theaters entertained and moved our parents or grandparents," says Michal Bregant, director of the NFA. The digitization process compares to the professional restoration of a rare painting. Old movies is necessary, in the archives of the first to scientifically explore. Only then is it possible to digitize: using the latest techniques sensitively to remove the damage that brought time and again they return to their original detail and shine. Software but not at the same time contemporary wipe away the patina as it should be coarser grain image or slightly rozkmitaný image, which are typical for older movies and in addition to historical authenticity and give them an unmistakable charm.

Regarding the selection of films by Michael Bregant in cross section, not only the history of cinema, but also cross various genres, materials and techniques, which are selected images shot.

Movies for digital restoration (until April 2016):

Movies Jana Kříženeckého: 24 short films from the years 1898 to 1908
Such is Life (1929), dir. Karl Junghans
From Saturday to Sunday (1931), dir. Gustav Machatý
Chap (1947), dir. Jiří Trnka
The Good Soldier Schweik (1956), dir. Charles Steklý
The figure for supporting (1963), dir. Paul Juráček and Jan Schmidt
Hop-Pickers (1964), dir. Ladislav Rychman
Case for a Rookie Hangman
(1966), dir. Paul Juráček
Adelheid (1969), dir. Francis Vláčil
Three Nuts for Cinderella (1973), dir. Václav Vorlíček
Dinner for Adele (1977), dir. Oldrich Lipsky

Digital restoration is newly scheduled for images:

White Plague (1937), r. Hugo Haas
Krakatit (1948), dir. Otakar Vavra
I dutifully (1958), dir. Charles Steklý
Icarus XB 1 (1963), dir. Henry Polak

Digitization Prague-Budapest

Digitization itself will now challenge a laboratory belonging to the largest Hungarian Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap studio, which won the open international competition. Renowned Hungarian restored the workplace should be a rare silent film Adverse (A tolonc) Mihály Kertész, who later - even as Michael Curtiz - famous for directing the legendary film Casablanca. The same lab now completing digitization even Old Czech Legends outstanding animator Jiri Trnka, which already April 26 inaugurate Festival Finale Plzen.

All film strips for a total length of 26 km suddenly now special shipments to Budapest. There will travel immediately after delivery to the digitization studios. The restoration will be done frame by frame: Hungarian operators pushes them altogether 1,365,000.

Proper storage of fragile, often flammable and other sensitive materials together with careful documentation processing for each film caused that part of the originally planned funding for digitization managed to save. And of them in the NFA decided to fund the digitization four other titles. The new look is so in the coming years will also White Disease, Krakatit, I dutifully as iconic black-and-white scifi Icarus XB first

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