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I have diabetes. So what he really is?

Such as diabetes mellitus, diabetes People, called the whole group of diseases that often have a different cause and treatment. Just have one thing in common: something is wrong with the way our body handles sugar.

Our cells, especially those muscles need in order to function glucose as an energy source. The entry of blood glucose into cells takes insulin, a hormone produced by the so-called. Beta cells of the pancreas. And with this mechanism is something wrong with diabetes. There are three types of diabetes, which in our population occur most frequently.

First II Diabetes mellitus. type

Here it in the first place because it is by far the most common - it suffers from about 90% of all diabetics. Of the total human population that makes 7%.
Age. Usually occurs when a middle or senior years, but more often due to obesity and lack of exercise among children.
Risk Factors. Obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and unhealthy diet (not necessarily sweet!), Old age and heredity.
Cause. At the onset of the disease is reduced sensitivity of cells to insulin - called. Insulin resistance. Because of her pancreas produces larger and larger amounts of this hormone and may eventually run out. Then it becomes the cause of insulin deficiency, as in type I diabetes.
Treatment. II diabetes patient. type has a wide range of options. Can taking drugs that may increase the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, a hormone that can deliver injectable form options are also preparations increasing blood sugar excretion by the kidneys. Very important is, however, a change in diet and lifestyle that can significantly improve the condition.

Before II diabetes. type of fully developed, a man often in the stage of prediabetes or so. impaired glucose tolerance. This means that the blood sugar level is slightly elevated, but still is not directly about diabetes. When you experience, feel it as a signal clearly communicating "begins to eat and live differently, or else."

Second Type I diabetes

Against developing this disease jogging and vegetables we unfortunately will not help. The fact that here appears we enrolled in the genes.
Age. Usually arises in childhood and adolescence.
Risk factors. Basically there. Type I diabetes is genetically given. Can be induced by eg. A common viral infection that is probably not the cause of the disease.
Cause. It is an autoimmune disease. The antibodies produced by white blood cells to the immune defenses mistakenly aimed against our own cells - here against beta-cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. You are so disposed and our body is unable to produce an essential hormone.
Treatment. Injectable insulin delivery. Because beta-cells are destroyed, patients wait a lifetime of treatment. Transplantation of the pancreas or islet alone (small areas in the pancreas which contain beta-cells) is also an option, however, is associated with other complications, and so far only does experimentally.

Third gestational (pregnancy) diabetes

For the third most common type of diabetes can not really use the points, which we introduced in the previous two. It is something special - it appears as a result of pregnancy and after disappearing again. The cause changes in the metabolism of the body's going through pregnancy. Gestational diabetes occurring during the second trimester of about 4% of women, but highly depends on the age of expectant mothers. It is preceded by diet and regular exercise, which also represents the main method of treatment. Before embarking on any diet in pregnancy or just before it is however necessary to consult a doctor.

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