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New discovery in southern Bohemia - treatment of inflammatory bowel disease using tapeworm

Do you suffer from Crohn's disease or other inflammatory bowel disease? It does not help you no treatment available or if you prefer a more natural remedies? Just for you there could be a solution from scientists from South Bohemia - tapeworm parasite.

Natural immunity booster

According to the authors of the research is beneficial tapeworm that stimulates the human immune system. Many of them even carry this parasite in itself to prove its harmlessness and vice versa usefulness of the human organism. Director himself Ceske Budejovice Institute of Parasitology Biology Centre ASCR Julius Lukes says: "I put the tapeworm, which is several meters long. We said that if this does not do anything to me, so even those much smaller parasites should not commit anything, I feel great. "

Treatment without chemicals and surgery

Deploying tapeworm bowels should patients with intestinal inflammations without further alleviate side effects and without the need for surgery. This is a purely natural treatment without the burden of organism other chemicals. It is now necessary to find the parasite in the right stage of development that would be most beneficial for patients. According to parasitologist Romana Kuchta need to meet the following conditions:
The development cycle of the parasite must be sustainable in the laboratory.
Infective stages for humans must be sterile and must go they infect humans regardless that was infected with something else.

Future of Medicine

According to experts, this method has a great chance of success and inclusion in medical procedures. Previous research confirms that a parasite and a person can be mutually beneficial. Jihočeští scientists now plan to monitor over 30 volunteers with Crohn's disease for several months. According to their results, then maybe we will be able to enjoy a wide variety of parasites in our pharmacies.

Source: Intestinal záně

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