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Antique Fair: Tradition and attractions from the far corners of the world

Antique Fair: Tradition and attractions from the far corners of the world Already 23 April gates open spring fair antiques Antique, again in the premises of the New Town Hall in Prague. At the fair visitors waiting until Sunday, April 26 traditional parade of antiques, paintings from over Meissen porcelain and glass Art Nouveau and arms and antique jewelry.

Due to the current fair motto "Antique Road" antiquarians but now are attracted to rarities from distant corners of the world. There will be as original "skull ancestor" coming from the Asmat tribe living in West Papua, for which the skull ancestors (ndambirkus) part of everyday life.

"The fair will feature a total of 61 exhibitors from all over the Czech Republic, who will present the most interesting items from their collections, from small and financially well antiques available after a highly valuable artwork. Individual exposure but this year will boost several rarities coming from non-traditional areas and remote places. Fair remains a meeting place for collectors and experts through art and at the same place, on which you can go, anyone who wants to enrich their cultural life, "says Fair Jan Neumann, president of the organizing organization Association of Antiquaries CR, a member of the International Confederation of Traders China art.

During the fair will take place at the stand of the Association as well as traditional counseling. Within the framework of antiquarians want to spread awareness about the conditions under which import and export of antiquities from the country. Jan Neumann in this context highlights the different view of the domestic and European legislation:

"Most ordinary antiques falls into the category of. Objects of cultural value and their exports are governed by strict rules stipulated by law. His dish is also a table of objects with the required age and market value, based on which it is possible for an antique item of cultural values ​​ever considered. Similar criteria establishes a special EU regulations governing the export of antiquities outside the Union. Limit price for determining cultural object is but the Czech legislation approximately 125 times lower than those in EU regulation. Czech law therefore regulates the movement of antiques is much stronger than the European Union, "says Jan Neumann curiosity.

The export of antiques, which features objects of cultural value is filled, it is necessary to hold that under the law on the sale and export of cultural values ​​issued by professional organizations such as museums, galleries and libraries. For sacred objects is true that their owner is required to apply for permits for the sale and export always, regardless of their age or price.

A separate chapter is called. Cultural monuments and national cultural heritage whose export is logically tied to much stricter rules and the items can be exported only for a certain period. The last group are collections of articles stored mainly in museums and galleries. Items from the collections may be exported only for one year, for permission to export but you can ask repeatedly and thus increase the total residence time of collection abroad.


Antique Fair opens to the public on Thursday, April 23 at 10 am and runs until Sunday afternoon. Traditionally, it will host the New Town Hall in Prague. As in previous years, will be able to take advantage of visitors during a free clinic at the stand of the Association of Antiquaries. Inform will be able to also study opportunities at Rudolphian Academy.

Illustration photo: Skull ancestor of West Papua (Irian Jaya). 19 cm, d. 27 cm, 20th century., Human skull resin mixture, vegetable seeds; Exhibitions Gallery Kirké

The basic theme asmatské culture is catching skulls and ancestor worship. Ceremonial life is focused on reconciliation live with ghosts and rich ornamentation rare skulls of ancestors is proof of that. Skulls ancestors (ndambirkus) are part of everyday life asmatské household, sometimes they are kept in a safe place, another time for a closer relationship with deceased ancestors worn fastened around the neck, or serve as substrates for the head during sleep.

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