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Gorilla male Tano moved to Munich Zoo

Gorilla male Tano, who was born three years ago in the Prague zoo female Bikiře, yesterday moved from gorilla nursery in Stuttgart to Munich zoo. His friend Okanda will soon join the new breeding group. Tano grew up in a gorilla kindergarten in Stuttgart, because it Bikira shortly after birth postponed, for the first time will be able to live with an adult gorilla family.

In Munich waiting for Tana in the newly renovated pavilion, three adult females Sonja, Neema and Begira. Perhaps the biggest change but feel biennial female Nafi that in Tan and Okanda will quickly find buddies for their children's games. "I'm really glad that so soon Tano got to live with a real gorilla family. In the kindergarten from adult gorillas kept a distance, not knowing how they behave and only watched with interest. And in Munich, he should learn proper social behavior, "explains the reason for the transfer Zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Tano was born in November 2011 Bikiře female that had recently given birth postponed because they could not take care of him. Prague zoo because he had to take him to the nursery gorilla in Stuttgart, where he prepared for life in a functioning group of gorillas. "Our German colleagues tell us the artificially reared pups is not enough just to observe gorillas naturally functioning in order to learn proper social behavior. That is now Tano into one of the naturally functioning groups involved is great news, "says curator of primates Prague zoo Vit Lukas.

According to the curator of mammals Stuttgart zoo Marianne Holtkötterové Tano is healthy, strong male gorilla. Already weighs 28 kg and is very playful. "Among other gorillas cubs addition in solving various tasks clearly excelled intelligence," adds Vít Lukáš that Tano, for example, easily gets into plastic containers secured with a lid or open the door secured with plastic screws. Her with him also enjoyed a German breeder, often pulling the rubber band from bras and greatly enjoyed it when it is letting the back.

In Stuttgart, the son of Richard and Bikiry often consulted his faithful sidekick, a little older gorilla males Okanda, besides which in kindergarten fell asleep almost every night. "They are great rascals, and neither one of them does not have any respect for adult animals, it would Now it due to their move to Munich zoo change. Both will now have the chance to learn intensively proper gorilla behavior, "says curator of primates Prague zoo.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author tz: Hana Szotkowská

Photo to tz: Hermann Vollmer, Stuttgart Zoo

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