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Let's Clean Czech. E.ON will participate in the largest cleaning action special day.

Let's Clean Czech. E.ON will participate in the largest cleaning action special day. Already 18.4. will take place in the Czech Republic second annual event Let's Clean Czech aimed at charting and dispose of illegal dumps. The event, which last year won an Oscar in competition ecological E.ON Energy Globe Award Czech Republic, next year volunteers will also be involved companies. The main partner of the event, E.ON, even plans a special day cleaning the participation of their employees.

E.ON has prepared in Brno, Czech Budejovice its cleaning action on Friday, April 17th. It will be called "E.ON Czech cleaned." "With the help of our employees, we want to clean up the neighborhood routes in the Czech Budejovice, Brno again focus on black landfill near the river Svratky a small cleaning the mess along the cycle path direction shopping center Olympia, "says Vladimir Glaser, project manager." We expect that the clean-up involving more than 70 volunteers from among our employees, "he adds.

Ekosmák Association, which organizes the event Let's Clean Czech, welcomes this activity. "We see it as a challenge for other companies. For this year we have between seven hundred registered organizers of local cleaning of eg 160 interest groups, 130 schools, 265 municipalities, but only 25 companies. Therefore, I very much appreciate the example to which workers E.ON for others, "says Radek Janousek, the main organizer of the event.

Ekosmák also confirms that the increased interest in their action, helped to victory in last year's competition E.ON Energy Globe Award Czech Republic, also known as the Oscars of ecological competition. "With the competition we have witnessed increased interest from both the media and the sponsors of our project and its development in the future, "adds Janoušek. The Czech Republic is currently running the 7th year of the competition. Engage in it, authors of all projects that strive for energy conservation or environmental protection. The application can be submitted until 30 April 2015.

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