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LUNO baptizes new album - with the support of Lenka Dusilová

On Thursday, April 23 Fléda happen baptism new album psychopopové band LUNO. Album Close To Silence band will present along with guest Lenka Dusilova who personally supported the creation of dedicated crowd funding platform for portal Hithit. On acoustic evening dedicated to Czech alternative scene and bands play Vees, Season Calm and Tikhonov.

The concert will mostly new recordings of "best of" plate Close To Silence the acoustic performance. Baptism is the patroness of Brno Lenka Dusilová, which supported the creation of a new vinyl financial contribution to the portal Hithit. "Lenka Dusilová us on board contributed a sum for which we promised in the campaign the opportunity to play at the concert. That makes us very happy, but also amused, and therefore her in Brno devote one whole our song, "says Ema Brabcová, singer of the band LUNO. In addition to the concert patron LUNO Fléda also involved two vocalists and musicians Theresa Koválov. Nontraditional a marked prevalence of female element and gives the evening a completely different character than that of conventional assembly habit.

In addition Luno band will play April 23 at Fléda and other representatives of the Czech alternative scene. Bands and Tikhonov Season Calm visitors will be served his musical ideas of melancholy, tension and divided state of the young generation. About brisker rhythm then take care of indie-rock Vees.

LUNO, Vees, Tikhonov, Calm Season + host: Lenka Dusilová
April 23, 2015, 20:00 Fleda Brno

LUNO (psychedelic-pop)

LUNO the Czech musical group combining elements from different genres. The band itself describes her music as psychopop, music LUNO but you can also trace elements of heavy rock. In addition to the two albums and two EP and played Luno hundreds of concerts in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovak. Fronted band is Ema Brabcová known from electropop Khoiba that his time i opened for The Cure in Berlin. Another equally well-known member of Luna's bassist Smit, who had founded with Emma Roe-deer, Prostitutes and played in the last several years toured Europe as an engineer Black Lips. Jan Janecek is a drummer first caliber, who became famous in Southpaw, played with Glen Hansard and now hosted at times with the Republic of Two. The last member of the Luno Martyn old, which, despite its name from the Luno youngest. Despite But Martyn managed to build his "guitar sound" on Czech indie scene for his reputation.

No Heil Syndrome

CALM SEASON (alternative-acoustic)

Acoustic indie folk duo composed of musicians Adam "Piaf" Vopička (ex Fake Tapes, The Prostitutes) and Theresa Koválov (ex Republic of two, Vladivojna la Chia, Forma) tries to show students a sense of calm, melancholy, but also stress. The unusual connection of guitars and cellos hugs your heart and give you a sense of understanding. Calm Season sing about love, passion, hope, but also damnation, loneliness and misunderstanding. The band has recorded two plates, with their last album bears a symbol.

Vees (indie-rock'n'roll)

Vees are young indie-rock'n'roll three-piece band from the Czech Budejovice. The band has been operating since 2006. Their complete ignition and modest approach in conjunction with a good mastery of the instruments, which is not far from the rule today, bears great fruit, and this band is growing every day. Her live shows are very energetic and are characterized by vigorous interventions drummer who gives sound Vees hallmark of authentic and wild guitar band.

Tikhonov (alternative-indie)
The band Tikhonov of Wallachian Meziříčí recently released debut album Overnight. Four musicians active on the Czech club scene, for example in projects Fiordmoss or Luno and brings melodic songs on the border between folk and pop, which is highlighted by rich polyphony and a strong emotional charge. Overnight album the band recorded with the help of American producer Rob loaf of Irish guitarist The Frames, which Tikhonov also opened for several times.

About the club Fléda

The modern era Fleda started after 2001, when the house was Štefánikova street in Brno music club. Since 2004, operates Fled Level B production team that created the place of one of the best musical space in the Czech Republic. Dramaturgy club is diverse and represents both established bands and young artists and emerging musical directions. The program has a firm place more demanding and produced concerts by international stars and more modest and authentic show of local musicians. In addition to the concerts is Fléda stable scene for a club night (Elektra, Vendetta, Vibe). You are always focused on specific music genres and trends. Since 2001, the stage was replaced Fled more than 1000 performers whose performances seen by almost a million music fans. The club is equipped with a superior sound system from d & b audiotechnik.

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