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Allergy medication without nevyzrajeme, but let us think on prevention

The most frequent type of allergy with us as allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis (5-20% of the Czech population). Bronchial asthma suffers 5-8% of the population, atopic eczema affects about 10% of the population and some form of hives in the course of life appears at 10-20%. As with these ailments fight? And we won, if in our allergic reactions appear during childhood?

Allergies are developed based on genetic predisposition. The analysis of the human genome revealed that for 60% of the population carries the gene for development. It must, however, be provoked by environmental factors.

"The chance of developing allergic disease in non-allergic child's parents is around 10%. If, however, the child of one of the parents is allergic, up to 30% probability that it will also be allergic. If both parents are allergic, then there is a risk of developing allergies to 50-60%. And if both parents have the same type of allergy (eg. To grass pollen), then it is up to 80% probability that the child will be allergic to grass pollen, "explains doc. MD. Jaromír Bystroň, PhD.

Watch allergen concentration

Another condition for the development of allergy, the amount, duration and intensity of a particular allergen.
"If someone has a genetic predisposition for the development of allergies during childhood has a random or regular contact with cats, for example, that run around the outside of the house, it is likely that there will not develop allergies. Rather happens to allergens cats tolerant. But if so disponovanému individuals, eg. A child, six years old, going to get a cat to the apartment, where thousands of times higher than the concentration of cat allergen in the yard, it is highly likely that there will develop allergies, "says the expert.
Typical is the so-called allergic march, which begins allergies after birth when switching to artificial nutrition as cow's milk allergy with digestive problems. Subsequently develops in infancy atopic eczema and gradually toddlers begin to show respiratory allergies - allergic rhinitis and asthma subsequently. If you have not gone through this process, yet Do not triumph. Allergies can surprise you at any age.

How to fight allergy symptoms?

"Primary is its prevention. For this is particularly true as natural lifestyle and habits. Therefore varied diet, no unilateral diet (unless such treatment program), sufficient stay clean air hardening. Proper daily routine with plenty of sleep and rest. Do not underestimate the common cold, especially in children to ensure adequate recovery before inclusion into the team. "
When the first signs of allergies, try to identify the causal allergen own and try to remove or significantly reduce its concentration in the vicinity allergic. They can help pages pollen services where you can find an overview of seasonal allergens.
"To mitigate the problem, you may use basic drugs - antihistamines, which are non-prescription in pharmacies as in tablet form and topical in the form of nasal sprays or eye drops, for example. Allergodil. It is a very safe medication proven its effectiveness, because they are sold freely. In principle, it is good to use as soon as possible. "
If you've got everything under control, no need for any further action. But if these measures are not sufficient and allergies limits you in work and social activities, it is advisable to contact your GP. Common basic allergy tests can be carried out by a physician. Only in cases where he himself is not sure or if allergic disease requires special treatment is needed, visit an allergist.

It is more typical allergy only one allergen, or the whole complex?

"In most cases, the first manifestation of allergy associated with only one allergen. In some cases, some very similar allergens, e.g. birch pollen (birch, hazel, alder pollen or grasses and cereals). For allergy sufferers who are sensitive to pollen of plants, often develops cross-sensitivity to certain allergens from food. They are very well-known cross-sensitivity between birch pollen and apples or peckovým fruit - peaches, nectarines - or hazel pollen allergens and tree nuts - hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews. "

New or aggressive allergens?

Substances that cause allergic reaction, are more or less the same, but rather the gain in the current conditions of life new meaning.
"In a closed urban residential areas, where there is poor air circulation is much higher concentrations than rural grass meadows. The same applies to dust mite allergens - in homes with central heating and upholstered furniture are many more. Symptoms of allergy are helping breeding of domestic animals in homes, "says doc. MD. Jaromír Bystroň, PhD.

Great importance is the quality of the air, because of industrial air pollution, automobile combustion products, frequent "light mucous catarrh" that are preventing, disrupting protection barrier function of the skin and mucous membranes, thus allowing easier penetration of allergens into the submucosal structures and facilitate sensitization of the organism.

Among the newer allergens include some new chemical molecules contained mainly in foods that are used as preservatives, food dyes and various additives, certain medications or topical allergens - cosmetics, decorative and cleaning products, construction materials, textiles, etc.

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