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Beware reply form, you unconsciously recognize debt

Although in time to cancel the order, you can become a target recovery company. Collection Agency Alektum Inkasso Ltd. and former reminds customers Westerfield offering phone razor. It requires them to pay undocumented payments and also use the response form. Consumers may unknowingly recognize non-existent debt.

Many people left during a phone call, send products Westerfield, a razor Good Shave. Soon surprise recipients found that the shipment will be the first of many, if you do something about it. But when I canceled the order on time and returned goods, not peace.
"Even after a longer interval found in the mailbox of the challenges Alektum Inkasso sro debt collection agency that a Swiss businessman. Allektum Inkasso also encourages the use of so-called response form with information that you can not pay your entire debt at once, you have the means to suggest the amount of installments. The form, however, represents a major risk for consumers. That is a ploy to gain from an uninformed borrower acknowledgment of debt, "warns Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

dTest warns that filling out the response form and his signature debt load, which must already exist or never existed. The company Westerfield it gets strong evidence for the court to which the recognition will be enough to make you ordered obligation to pay the amount recognized without the company Westerfield had to prove its claim in any way. In addition, the company ensures Alektum Inkasso claim your prize hidden in the "other costs lender", which you alleged debt by sending a single letter significantly increases.

That's not all. "Response Form conceived as an acknowledgment of debt also affects the limitation claims merchant. If companies can accept, and thus you see the form above amount, the merchant has the right to seek payment of the claim in court for ten years from the date of recognition instead of the usual three years, "says Luke Green.

So how do you maintain in the situation described? That enforcement ceased corroborate writing companies Alektum Inkasso that all your obligations to the merchant are paid or terminated. This copy is just fine. "If the request for payment at all clear that a payment for what you owe, ask for precise determination of debt and its demonstration. In the meantime, we recommend that you do not pay anything, and certainly in written communications with recovery companies avoid using the response form, "says Luke Green.

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