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End of the CD? Audiobooks will soon dominate the electronic formats

End of the CD? Audiobooks will soon dominate the electronic formats Increasingly becoming popular among readers audiobooks, namely books narrated audio carriers. The estimated market volume of audiobooks in the end prices excluding VAT amounted in 2013 to around 50 million crowns, of which 25% of the share of sales of electronic formats. We can be assumed that both numbers will grow.

"The exact numbers that describe the status and development of the market for audiobooks in the Czech Republic there. We provide only educated guesses on which we can assume that in 2014 the share of digital sales increase 35 to 40%. The overall market growth audiobooks can then be estimated at about 55 million, which is about 5% more than in 2013, "said Marcela Turečková of the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers.

Audiobooks are usually issued at the same time or shortly after the release of the printed book. That is the difference compared to previous years because previously voiceovers, especially the traditional and best print book titles. In 2014 came around 2500 titles of speech, which is not much. "The audiobook market is struggling with a lack of those with a nature theme. In doing so, this format as topics of personal or professional development or business more than suitable. Audiobooks is effectively take advantage of the time that you read in the context of a classic book did not receive, "explains Jan Linhart of publishing Progres Guru, which focuses on the production and distribution of audio books on the topic of personal and professional development.

It is time saving is the main reason why readers of classic books from time to time prefer audiobooks. "Audiobooks take it rather as a supplement. I listen to them in situations where they can not read his eyes. When listening to an audiobook is devoted to other more or less stereotyped activities, such as working in the garden, "describes the benefits of audiobooks blogger Book peephole Vojtech Hamerský." Audiobooks will soon become a full-fledged member of printed books. Luxus read a printed book will have fewer and fewer people. I believe that people can find their way to audiobooks, but for some it is yet, "says Hamer.

Preparation audiobook is a demanding process than issuing traditional paper books. "The cost of producing an audiobook is generally in the range of from 120 000 to 300 000 CZK. This amount covers royalties, production costs, operating costs and other activities such as distribution, graphic production, etc., "stated Jan Linhart of company Progres Guru. Production of audiobooks is a demanding process for an actor who delude her. "The hour record could easily go up to five or six hours of work. Text book because I always have to prepare, learn its recitation and process it, live, '"says Vojtech Hamerský who imagines audiopovídky emerging and better-known Czech authors.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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