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In the Prague zoo born rare výrečci

In the Prague zoo hatched in recent weeks, a total of six výrečků Filipino. Juveniles yet come from two breeding pairs. Zoo has managed to significantly enhance the genetic diversity of breeding these rare owls, which are seen within Europe only in the Prague Zoo.

Successful rearing six výrečků Filipino is good news especially because the numbers of these rare owls in the wild are declining. "The Prague zoo significantly contributes to creating a stable backup of the population that is necessary in case of crisis development of wild výrečků. If it occurred, descendants of birds kept people might be in suitable locations returned to nature, "explains curator of birds Prague zoo Antonín Vaidl.

Výrečci Filipino
inhabit only the northern part of the Philippine archipelago, where the long-term affects mainly the felling of tropical forests. Zoo Praha why since 2009 works with a rescue station for owls on the Philippine island of Negros. Annually supports the operation and development of the station from the account help them survive.

In the Prague zoo visitors can see the so-called výrečky Bažantnice at the bottom of the garden. Apart from Prague, this rare species of owl is only two European gardens - in Pilsen and in Wroclaw, where it is kept in the hinterlands but not in the exhibition.

As the name suggests, they look like miniature výrečci Owl. They look like they mainly due chvostkům - extended pírkům scalp that look like ears. U Philippine výrečka are particularly long. They live solitary or in pairs and permanent nest in cavities. Hunting is issued at night when zalétají and outside the forest, open countryside but avoid.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author tz: Jana Ondrejechová
Photo: P. Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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