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Great guide for traveling with kids

With the arrival of children is partly changing our habits. A case of traveling this statement more true. Previously only had to buy tickets or to start a car and go. While it may seem that traveling with children is complicated, sometimes even unrealistic, the opposite is true. Just need to prepare the journey in time and think a few steps ahead.

Traveling with children is entirely different discipline. Even here, the only thorough preparation and practice makes perfect.

Preparations begin soon

Preparations begin already at the moment when you decide that the children want to go on a journey. Of course you can buy convenient flights first, and then to deal with the rest, but this step is no longer worthy of a true master. If children just starting to travel, we recommend that you think carefully about the form of leave, holiday, accommodation, food and transport mode. "When selecting a suitable destination, you should consider a few things. First of all, the path length. With young children it is not appropriate to pass long ago or a few hour's drive away. Also find out what is the duration of transportation from the airport to the hotel, "says Michal Tuma, Marketing Director of Invia." The choice of holiday cheer is also the possibility of activities for children. If you're heading to the sea, then it is advisable to sites with sandy beaches and mild access to the sea, "said Tuma that are suitable example seaside resorts in Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. The advantage for the kids as the presence playground, water park or other attraction. Surrounding the chosen location would also be offering interesting places for shorter trips.

In the event that you make it clear all the parameters in time with the children, then do not hesitate with ordering or tour bookings. Best deals are in fact sold out quickly. Additionally, when purchasing early in the so-called holiday mode first minute can be purchased for a child stay for free.

Tip: If you prefer to choose accommodation hotels or apartments designated baby friendly. It is a certificate that guarantees that the presence of children are furnished and provide you the necessary comfort.

Backpacks children prefer to check

When packing is good to keep a list of what you have already packed, what is left and what is yet to be taken. List of case, it's good to take with you on vacation for feedback control, you will appreciate the package back home. If you are flying, think about the weight limit, you will not have anything at the airport at the last moment to get rid of. Now determine the weight and size of luggage should be the first step before starting his own pack.

Find also the weather forecast in a place where you go. While going to the tropics, for example, it does not mean that you will not rain, and when traveling with children, more than ever, that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Therefore, please be with me and something waterproof and You bet on layering.

If you fly, take the basic things prefer to bag together for the event that you lost the other luggage. "The handbag is good to have all the necessary documents. Above all, keep in mind that your passport must have been every child. Then u keep my wallet, ticket or ticket phone with charger, medication patches. If necessary, and international adapter. Keep on hand as well as toys, without which the child falls asleep, "explained the necessity Michal Tuma. Do bag that you have on hand, wrap well as things that will help kids have fun. Prepare For example, paperback books, crayons, coloring books, card games and other travel games. For sure it is good to take for any spare clothes for one day, pajamas, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and for children and a light blanket.

Tip: If the age of the children already allows, connect it to the preparation and let them pack a backpack. I prefer, however, before leaving yet, check what all you packed your descendants. You will not be so unpleasant surprised, for example, during security checks at the airport.

Think of snacks. For sweets but forget

No probably no need to advise parents not to forget to pack plenty of snacks and drinks on the way. But prefer to skip the sugary drinks, biscuits and other sources of sugar. If you are tempted easy solution to child silence for a moment, then you can not expect you to high blood sugar lasts a long time to sit in one place. Ideal in this case are rather foods with high protein content.

For many airlines, you can check in advance whether and what refreshments will be served during your flight. Accordingly, you can customize the amount and composition of snacks for children.

Tip: In the prepared snack gum should not be missed. On the plane does help relieve any pain in the ears and the car turn can help the sick.

On the plane and into the car with a car seat

The path itself on vacation is the most challenging phase of the entire stay. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare in advance the progress of children. Describe the kids how it looks airport terminal, how the clearance, takeoff or landing. U drive them back, explain that compared to conventional crossings will have to sit longer and be more patient. Children namotivujte and foremost prepare toys to entertain them on the way.

Before the start or at the bus stops do not make children sit on the ground. Let them run and have fun. At the airport, for example, let the children explore the terminal or seizure of use, for example, moving walkways, empty goal or children's areas. On the landing of the highways they are often available playgrounds.

For traveling, however, is crucial safety of the child. Experts recommend the aircraft during takeoff and landing as close as possible to have a child together, so you could look into his face, making him calm. For this purpose, most aircraft equipped with safety belts for infants, which is attached to conventional belts. For the rest of the flight, however, is best to have children under two years of age in a car seat, it's the most comfortable for the child and for you. "The seat for transporting children in a car or on a plane should have appropriate certificate. For car seats so look for orange label that confirms compliance with standards, "says Lukas Fiala of leading Czech trade children's facilities." Especially for summer travel is dependent on the quality of the coating material. Some seat covers are in fact made ​​of impermeable material that wicks sweat wrong child and may spread bacteria, "said Fiala risks.

Tip: When traveling with children can leave slack. Whether traveling by car or flying, plan some extra time, on the other hand, if you are traveling alone. To avoid unnecessary stress. It is also best to plan the most challenging part of the journey time to sleep children. To make your kids problematic part of sleep, and you had the necessary peace to ensure smooth during transit. For better comfort is also good to get shortener belts for securing the child. It helps to safely and correctly setup shoulder seatbelts.

Proper equipment is the basis

For accommodation you always find out what equipment you have available in the rooms. Quality hotels should normally provide cots and in restaurants stool. Baby friendly hotels then usually allow you to borrow monitors, potty and buggy. If this makes it a place in the car or at the airport weight limit allows, take as many prefer their own equipment. "For example, cots quality can vary greatly, and in place of the already inadequate or contaminated cot too much to invent. To avoid this, vozte their own travel cot on which the child is accustomed and which meets the required standards, "says Lukas Fiala.
"The weight of a travel cot is about eight pounds. Most of them are already delivered in a practical package, so it is not necessary to aircraft specially packaged, "said Fiala. If you plan to take your own stroller, pre-determine its weight and dimensions when folded. A practical alternative to strollers are carriers. For infants, it is appropriate carrying children on his stomach in older children who already sits well, then the ideal choice as a carrier bag, which allows the child to carry comfortably on your back.

Tip: Some airports now allow you to keep your stroller until boarding, and output it to you again furnishes, so you do not have kids transmit at the airport in his hands. For these purposes, it is advisable to buy travel cover for stroller that will protect it from dirt and other external influences.

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