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Guy with a violin Daniel Hope is heading to Prague Castle

Guy with a violin Daniel Hope is heading to Prague Castle Brilliant British violinist Daniel Hope is the star of this year's Spring Gala for Strings of Autumn, which will be held April 29 at the Prague Castle.

Hope to have attracted international attention, not only as an excellent virtuoso, but also as a tireless promoter of music. It is often described as the successor of Yehudi Menuhin. Collaborates with leading orchestras, contemporary composers, but also the stars of show business, his artistic engagement is straddled between genres and centuries. New York Times about him recently wrote that you never know what to embark.
At Prague Castle, state, along with prestigious orchestras L'Arte del mondo program carefully constructed for Spring GALA Strings of Autumn. He relies on a work giants of world music literature - Double Concerto for Two Violins by Johann Sebastian Bach and two concerts Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi - but also contemporary adaptation of the author's iconic works by Max Richter and his Sonata for solo violin by Erwin Schulhoff.

Audience Strings of Autumn with Daniel Hope, first met in 2013 and his performances have significantly gone down in the history of the festival. This is also the reason for his return to the prestigious Spring GALA for Strings of Autumn, which takes over the baton after musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves and Gregory Porter.

Daniel Hope on violin started playing in four years, said to them literally threw. This boundless enthusiasm from him, still fresh in their projects and collects numerous international awards. He writes books, music glosses, scenarios, moderated by television and radio shows and hosts a variety of musical projects and festivals with an inventive program. It belongs to the busiest musicians today. With the energy inherent plunges into new and daring projects like entering uncharted land of world premieres and conceptual experiments. Fresh, naturally combines the "standard" and contemporary repertoire, always without unnecessary effects with an emphasis on thoughtful programming. He plays a rare instrument made by Guarneri del Gesu in the year 1742nd

Daniel Hope was born in South Africa, grew up in England and now lives in Vienna. In childhood he so fascinated by the employer of his mother, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, violin that he decided to dedicate his life. Already at the age of eleven Menuhin invited him on stage and followed a rare long-term cooperation involving sixty concerts. Since 1997, the Hope Star label Deutsche Grammophon. Last year he released the album Hollywood tunes titled Escape To Paradise, accompanied by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. Hope draws the listener into nostalgia and splendor of ancient film studios as well as to the fate of the troubled European composers who dream to Hollywood fleeing Hitler. The album also participated rare pěvečtí guests - Sting and Max Raabe. Composers confronting German Nazism and spent two previous projects - předloňský Berlin concert for 12,000 people commemorating the anniversary of Kristallnacht and film Refuge in Music and Terezín / Theresienstadt.

Daniel Hope in Prague again orchestra L'Arte del Mondo, who in 2004 founded the excellent conductor and violinist Werner Ehrhardt. This versatile ensemble is based in Leverkusen (North Rhine-Westphalia), his players control the game on both modern and historical instruments and among his many well-known soloists we find such important artists such as violinist Viktoria Mullova, tenor Christoph Prégardien, trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich and jazz pianist Uri Caine.

Personal invitation to the concert from Daniel Hope is on display here .

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Photo to tz: Harald Hoffmann

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