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Finale Plzen starts restored Old Czech Legends Jiri Trnka

Finale Plzen starts restored Old Czech Legends Jiri Trnka 28th annual film festival in Pilsen Final starts Sunday, April 26 screening a restored version of the old legends Czech Jiri Trnka. Trnkovo ​​internationally acclaimed work is the first Czech feature-length animated film, which passed the demanding digital restoration.

Restoration ensure National Film Archive with significant financial support from the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 and the Ministry of Culture. Visitors Finals will also be the first opportunity to buy the anthology film studies.

"Putting Old Czech Legends is part of our flagship project Jiří Trnka and the world of animation, which is the art of puppetry from the beginning to the modern forms. Restored frame perfectly complements the exhibition Jiri Trnka Studio and Garden Trnkova second We are glad that thanks to other events within the Finals as a projection of Loos' interiors will connect with Braille European Capital of Culture, "says program director of Pilsen 2015 George Sulženko.

Restoration of the film under the supervision of experts from the National Film Archive (NFA) was conducted in the laboratory Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap in Budapest. This work won the prestigious strict international competition. "We are trying to film and in digital form looked like the first entry. On the one hand, therefore, removes scratches or dirt brought time, on the other hand, we try to maintain the look of the film produced in the 50s of last century, using the former techniques and workflows and accessible film material. Unlike previous projects, this specific in that it is an animated film, using puppets and animation stride, "explains Anna Batistová, Director of the Section audiovisual collections NFA.

Restoration reputation in numbers

in preparation for digitization archivists NFA conducted a search in hundreds of archival cartons unprocessed funds, the result is 1678 pages scanned documents relating to the preparation, filming and marketing of the film Old Czech Legends
Old Czech Legends in NFA film materials stored on different generations, with a total length of nearly 30 km
the surviving film footage for the film restorers passed 11,328 meters of potential source material and 18,170 meters of potential reference materials ()
each of the windows had after scanning the size of 4096 x 3112 pixels, scanning a window lasted an average of 1.23 seconds
36 movie frames in a digitized film was preserved in a camera negative and therefore comes from another source - or duplicating positives from contemporary copies - ie. Only 0.03% of the total length of the film
the total length of the film has 119,879 picture frames, each of which was purified separately

Along with the premiere of the restored version of the book based on Trnka's film. In six of the original studies is devoted to a detailed analysis of film production and its role in the so-called. Jirásek action appreciates the position of Jiri Trnka as an independent creator in structures nationalized cinematography, dealing with the style and narrative film, puppets specifics Trnka and his collaboration with the composer Václav Trojan. In addition to interviews, the book is also complemented editions of archival material and has a rich pictorial accompaniment. Editor of the publication is Head of Research NFA Lucie Česálková.

28th annual Film Festival Finale Plzen will take place from April 26 to May 2 Měšťanská Beseda as part of the European Capital of Culture.

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