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Kinotip: A new action comedy Wild Pair

Kinotip: A new action comedy Wild Pair Action comedy called wild deuce arrives in Czech cinemas at the end of May. Starring Reese Witherspoon appears and Sofía Vergara.

Reese Witherspoon plays in the film exemplary and aspiring cop who has entrusted to protect a key witness in the trial of a powerful Mafia boss. The witness is a woman - sexy wife of the local drug dealer (played by Sofía Vergara), which would only could testify against him. When these dangerous beauties become intensely interested hired assassins and corrupt police officers, they do not have anything else, just go to escape across Texas.

For directed by Anne Fletcher (Let's Dance, Design or 27 dresses) and in secondary roles, you can see Richard T. Jones, John Carroll Lynch, Michael Mosley, David Jensen and Robert Kazinského. About how it all turns out you can see from May 28, 2015, is scheduled for the official premiere of this film.
The film will be released in theaters listed with the Czech dubbing.

Trailer can be viewed here .

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