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You have stopped smoking? Attention, you have not won

Anxiety, nervousness, reduced alertness, sleep disorders, ... All this and many other problems may accompany you, if you have just decided and you were able to quit smoking. Certainly it but do not give up, once every withdrawal symptoms disappear. But beware, even then you do not even have won, struggle with addiction is in fact a lifetime.

The hardest are the first three months

Percentage of individuals who are willing to quit smoking will not last and reach for a cigarette again, is extremely high - as much as 90%. Most often, the smoking habits of people back in the first 3 months of not smoking when they are still present withdrawal symptoms and craving for a cigarette is most intense. The cause of such a large number of relapses (go back to smoking) is that smoking is associated with a strong psychological and in many cases, a physical dependence.

Risk situations

Withdrawal symptoms disappear sooner or later. But what remains is craving for a cigarette, which is usually associated with rituals in which you were accustomed to smoke. Among the most common are:
break in employment,
drinking alcohol or coffee,
moments after sex
passing time while waiting for transport.

Experts therefore advises avoiding risky situations similarly, at least in the period shortly after smoking cessation, or is to fill a different activity than smoking.

I do not even have one!

Although the highest risk of re sáhnutí a cigarette falls within the first months of quitting, the risk of relapse is lifelong. Many smokers experience confirms that even a single cigarette smoked for many years, complete abstinence can lead to a rapid return to the old tracks smoking.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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