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Therapy extreme cold to poor immunity and orange peel skin

Extreme cold. Silence. Slow movement. Shallow breaths. Hand protectors, masks and boots. All this is closely connected with the so-called cryotherapy, which is in the Czech Republic is becoming increasingly popular. Treatment of extreme cold is able positively affect physical and mental health problems and in addition has analgesic. Women also appreciate its impact against cellulite.

For whom treatment is appropriate and refrigerate for whom not? And even as a sole therapy work?
All this is explained in the following lines.

The pressure should not exceed 160/90 before the procedure mmHg

Before the beginning of cryotherapy need to keep some basic safety rules. The only clothing to enter the antechamber therapeutic booth will be dry swimwear or underwear protection on hands and feet and a mask over his mouth. "It is necessary that the participants were completely dried whole-body cryotherapy - both their clothes and hair and skin. It may be painted any creams or ointments, who might in contact with extreme cold hurt, "says dermatologist Dr.. Thomas Kampe. It should also remove the contact lenses and eyeglasses, jewelry and need a hearing aid. During the procedure the chamber must not be any objects that might come in contact with unprotected skin. Participants must before entering the chamber to minimize physical activity and calm pulse. Specialist participants then measures the pressure before the event which should not exceed 160/90, and therapy starts.

First to - 50 ° C, to - 160 ° C

Cryotherapy, or extreme cold therapy is most often done in special boxes called cryochamber. These are generally composed of two separate rooms, whereby first will enter the so-called pre-chamber. "Prechamber has a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and during therapy is necessary to withstand about 40 seconds. Immediately after that, followed by entering the corresponding therapeutic chamber wherein is already set temperature values ​​from - 110 to - 160 degrees Celsius. The therapy in this part of the box, then proceeds in length from 1-3 minutes. Throughout the participants through a glazed box in visual contact with the specialist who is informed about the course and time, "says Jaroslava Nemcova course of the procedure from Aqualand Moravia, which treat extreme cold Cryochamber the participation of specialists offers. People are procedures may also participate as a group.
That you can not imagine the state of such low temperatures, almost completely naked?
But it really goes. The secret is air in the chamber cooled with liquid nitrogen. It is so dry that it is - 110 ° C for the human body emotionally and physically tolerable. After 3 minutes, the procedure is completed in boxing. The participants exit the chamber and be acclimatized. Their skin usually responds to therapy and redness body is suffused feel comfortable warmth. After a short time, the participants had to actively move, which should have facilities available for example treadmills.

Cryotherapy is booming, helps with cellulite and after surgery

Cryotherapy has recently been increasingly sought. Stress does not cause any human organism, the hormone cortisol and adrenaline can reduce the contrary. In addition, frost encourages a wide range of physiological mechanisms of analgesia through anti-inflammatory effect to relax. Its effects and operates in a very wide range of areas. Notes with considerable popularity lately among active athletes and fitness devotees of life. "The most recent results of research into the effects of cryotherapy in sports talk about the fact that it is a very effective method that can increase endurance and strength. It is considered one of the fastest regeneration methods, which can be used perfectly, especially after intensive sport activities, competitions and the like. Recently, also talks about the positive impact of convalescence after accidents and in particular problems with joints and spine, "says Jana Havrdová Confederation of aerobics and fitness In addition to athletes and active people living cryotherapy it is also suitable for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, immunocompromised, mental depression, cellulite, overweight, suffering from migraines or asthma, for individuals with multiple sclerosis or even for those who want to improve scarring.

Cold therapy already practiced in Ancient Rome

Cold therapy, however, is not new. It was used by people already in a deep history. Principle ice and cold compresses to the injury already used in ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. Ice full body wraps successfully pioneered in the 19th century also renowned healer Vincenz Priessnitz from Jesenice.

Yet there are people who are otherwise fit cryotherapy versatile. They are particularly individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people suffering from claustrophobia, severe allergies to cold, extremely high or uncontrolled blood pressure, individuals with acute heart disease or those who have experienced in the last half year serious disease. Although it never did that therapy was unsuitable for pregnant women, but because of her extreme caution and pregnant women to prevent doctors from 3 months of pregnancy is not recommended.

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