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Špilberk Food Festival - this year even unconventionally in the Royal Chapel

Špilberk Food Festival - this year even unconventionally in the Royal Chapel Brno Castle Špilberk, the first weekend in June will host the important gastronomic events. Held on June 5 to 7 to take place is already the fourth edition of the event Špilberk Food Festival. Visitors are attracted by the delicacies from the best restaurants, but also from newcomers.

This year's festival will feature a total of 14 South Moravian restaurants. In addition to delicious food and wine, visitors can look forward to dulcimer music, sabrage and many other events. A new feature will be a special menu served in the Royal Chapel. Advance ticket sales will be possible by the end of April.

List of restaurants that the first weekend of June will introduce visitors to the castle Špilberk is complete. On Špilberk Food Festival visitors will present the premiere hotel Hanzel, La Bouchée, restaurants and a bakery SONO Restaurant. "New restaurants are very welcome - it's not just cheer for festival guests, but also proof that Brno gastronomically still growing. Interested in participating restaurants is really great. Unfortunately, we are not enough area capacity to accept all applicants, "says festival organizer Marie Šotkovská.
The most striking new feature of this year's upcoming luxury menu with wine pairings in the unique setting of a medieval hall of the Royal Chapel.

Experience the unusual sabrage or oyster opening

Food festival adds a rich accompanying program. Thus the audience can enjoy cooking on stage with Michelin chef, look into the secrets sabrage, ie unusual opening bottles of champagne, watch filleting fresh tuna with sushimasterem or actively participate in the program on stage during the contest in the opening oysters.

Again, they are prepared to popular tastings in the presence of winemakers themselves who provide insider commentary on wine, along with the VOC Znojmo, visitors can taste wine and in kasematách Špilberk Castle. Tastings led by experts this year will also be devoted to rum or tea. Beer at the event delivers a traditional partner of the festival, brewery Starobrno.
Good food, wine and beer can not miss the music. All three festival days entertained spectators dulcimer music or jazz trio. On Friday evening, but the organizers have prepared a more modern evening music program: "In several places, the castle Špilberk will play as a DJ and a live band. The party will also support the restaurants that will be open till 1am. Along with them, of course, bars, among other things, to offer bartending show and favorite cocktails, "says Marie Šotkovská.

About Špilberk Food Festival

The first edition of Špilberk Food Festival was held in 2012 and since then enjoying rising popularity rating. It is designed for lovers of delicious food, but also for those who want to taste the specialties of the restaurant, into which normally do not go. "Špilberk Food Festival is not just about food, it's about the passion of cooking, gastronomy as an art," says event organizer Catherine Bílková.
Eating and wine tasting is true festival currency, called. Florins (1 F = 25 CZK). When buying tickets automatically you get them a certain amount. Floren is also possible to purchase in exchange offices on-site events.
Opening hours Špilberk Food Festival on Friday 13 to 1 pm, Saturday from 11 to 21 hours, Sundays from 11-19 hours.

Further information about the festival here .

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